Domestic Cleaners in Northamptonshire

Domestic Cleaners in Northamptonshire

Our brilliant domestic cleaners carry out residential cleaning in houses and homes of various shapes and sizes at fantastic prices. If you would like a FREE quote today, please complete our contact form and we'll be in contact to give you prices and more information.

Domestic Clean Services in Northamptonshire

Domestic Clean Services in Northamptonshire

Our experienced residential cleaning teams carry out one off small cleans through to domestic cleaning on large blocks of flats and other residential properties. No matter what size cleaning job you require let me know and we'll be delighted to help.

Home Cleaning Services in Northamptonshire

Home Cleaning Services in Northamptonshire

We carry out home cleaning services ranging from one-off cleans through to daily, weekly and monthly visits. We can cater for full property cleans or just certain areas and rooms as requested.

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Domestic Cleaning in Northamptonshire

Keeping on top of all the cleaning in your flat, apartment, house or home can be difficult for anyone in today's world.

After a busy day at work, looking after family or simply because you want to spend your free time doing the things you love (rather than cleaning) many people decide to get help with their domestic and residential cleans and we don't blame you!

As you can imagine house and flat cleanings are the most popular type of cleans we deal with at Professional Cleaners UK and we have great cleaning teams able to deal with a full range of domestic cleans; all at great prices. 

For more information on our residential and domestic cleaning in Northamptonshire contact our friendly team now via the enquiry form on this page. We will then speak to you and send over FREE quotes and a breakdown of our full cleaning services to suit your needs; let Professional Cleaners UK take the stress of your home chores today. 

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1 in 3 families now hire a cleaner according to the The Daily Mail 

Half of millennials hire domestic cleaning help as recently reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Types of Domestic Cleans Offered

At Professional Cleaners UK we cater for a full range of domestic cleans in Northamptonshire on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

So whether you are looking for a few hours help a week or something more lengthy and on-going our friendly local cleaners can help.

We are also able to facilitate cleans on varying budgets so do drop us a message to find out how we can assist. 

Our domestic cleaners in Northamptonshire typically look after the types of residential and domestic cleans listed below, all requiring different skills, products and equipment. If you would like further information on any of them simply click on the links or drop us a message and will call you to talk through in more detail: 

Hiring Domestic Cleaners in Northamptonshire

Hiring a cleaner is often much more affordable than most people realise. 

Despite popular mis-conceptions, domestic cleaners aren’t just hired by middle class and older people with disposable incomes – plenty of busy parents, young professionals, those less able to move around, landlords and private tenants all require extra cleaning support for a variety of different reasons.

Residential and domestic cleaning (the cleaning of houses and flat cleans) are the most popular type of clean that we deal with here at Professional Cleaners UK. 

We believe that having a clean and tidy home can have a positive influence in many areas of people lives and helps to promote personal well-being. 

As well as the hygiene benefits that having a personal cleaner can bring, many people believe that domestic cleaners are invaluable as they carry out all types of cleaning jobs in Northamptonshire which means our happy customers can focus on other life priorities - whether that is business or pleasure!

Top Cleaners - Did You Know?

Our cleaners can adapt their products and techniques to cater for pet and child-friendly households if required, so the pitter patter of tiny paws and feet can still take place safely and mess-free.

Residential Cleaning Options

When looking to hire a domestic cleaner for your home our domestic cleaning teams can offer a range of bespoke services to suit you.

We offer the following options for your consideration:

  1. We can help with as much or as little residential cleaning as you see fit - some customers or clients only require cleaning services in particular rooms and locations, typically the kitchen, bathrooms and main living areas. We can of course look after the cleaning of a whole property.  
  2. We match a cleaner to suit your needs - this is based on experience, your requirements and any personal preferences you may high-light when we talk to you. 
  3. No size, shape or type of home is too unusual or difficult for our expert cleaning teams - in fact our cleaners love a challenge so contact us today!
  4. We can take on multiple properties or managed facilities (such as blocks of apartments and flats) - these are looked after by our expert communal cleaning teams. These residential cleaners can also incorporate more bespoke cleaning services such as window cleaning and gutter cleans, should they be required. 

Most of our clients view having cleaning help at home as the best money they spend each month. They love that moment of coming home to a clean home.

We hope that you can join our growing family of happy customers. 

Domestic Cleaning Services Near Me - What is Included?

Professional Cleaners UK will take care of everything on a single or multiple property basis.

Our basic services include, but are by no means limited to:

  1. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet sanitisation
  2. Tidying, hoovering, mopping and sweeping; carpet cleaning; window cleaning; bed making and changing; laundry services; ironing; light domestic duties; mould and stain cleaning and dusting.
  3. We even take on the awkward jobs you really don’t like doing such as pulling hair out of drains, unblocking plugs, bleeding radiators and cleaning toilets.
  4. Grills, hard-to-reach oven reservoirs and splashbacks can all be given a thorough once-over, too. This can all happen on a one-off basis, regularly, or as a specific ‘deep clean’ at the end of a tenancy or before/after you move to a new house.

For more information and a breakdown of our full domestic cleaning options contact us today. We will then call you back to discuss the options in more detail. 

Professional Cleaners UK Tip of The Day! 

If you do privately rent a property, it is always recommended that you invest in a deep clean before you leave to best safeguard your initial deposit.

Cost of Domestic Cleaners Near Me

The cost of your domestic cleaning will depend on a number of factors. At Professional Cleaners UK we strive to be never beaten on price without compromising the quality of our work. 

We can also send our cleaners or supervisors in advance to be properly briefed by you and so that any particular requirements and difficult cleaning areas are pointed out. 

The main factors ones which affect the costs of residential cleaning are below: 

  • Number of cleaners required - the number of cleaners you have will impact on the cost of cleaning. 
  • Size of property - larger properties are naturally more costly to clean that smaller ones. 
  • Length of clean - our cleaners can help for an hour through to full 24-hour cleaning services. 
  • Time of clean - sometimes the time of clean can impact on price. 
  • Use of specialist products - if you need any specific or specialist product this can impact on residential cleaning costs. 
  • Use of specialist equipment - similar to the above some properties require specialist and professional equipment to carry out cleans. Let us know if this in the case. 

For more specific information on domestic cleaning costs in Northamptonshire and bespoke FREE quotes for your cleaning needs contact our friendly teams today. 

Home Cleaning Jobs - Which Rooms Do You Clean?

At Professional Cleaners UK we can clean any room! No shape or size is too big, small or unusual!

The rooms we typically clean include are listed below, although should you have anything we have missed off simply drop us a message - we'd love to help: 

  • Hallway cleans
  • Lounges/Living room cleans
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Dining Room cleans
  • Bedroom cleans
  • Stairs and Stairway cleans
  • Landing area cleans
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Study cleans
  • Games and Playrooms cleaning
  • Toilet cleans
  • Conservatory cleans
  • Porche cleans
  • Cellar cleans
  • Extension cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Private gym cleans

Depending on your needs we can do full cleans or part cleans, just cleaning designated rooms or areas.

When contacting us let us know what level of cleaning you are looking for and we will arrange the best cleaning plans to suit your needs and budgets.

Bespoke Cleaning Of Your Home

Our domestic cleaning teams look after all of your needs and are totally bespoke; from a swift tidy up in time for visitors to a full house clean that sanitises, dusts and sweeps all corners of your home.

We understand that letting someone into and trusting them with your home and possessions can be a very personal thing, and our staff take only the utmost care to ensure everything stays just how you like it… only cleaner!

Domestic Cleaners in Northamptonshire - Summary

Back in the day hiring a cleaner to keep your home spick and span was seen as a luxury but nowadays, it’s really not – who doesn’t like a little help doing something they don’t overly enjoy doing? Our experienced cleaning teams are able to help with residential and domestic cleaning of any size of property, offering 24-hour cleaning support - all at top prices. 

If you have any rooms you’d prefer left alone, or any specific requests for help around the home, Professional Cleaners UK will strive to meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction in and around your home. 

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Contact us today for more information about residential and domestic cleaning services in Northamptonshire.

On receiving your enquiry we will either email or give you a call to chat through your specific requirements before sending over a FREE quote for you to consider. 

We take great pride in all our work and look forward to working you in the future on your all domestic cleaning. 

So, sit back, relax and let Professional Cleaners UK look after your domestic cleaning, so you can spend more time doing the things you love! 


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