After Builders Cleaning in Appleton Roebuck

After Builders Cleaning in Appleton Roebuck

We can carry out new build and sparkle cleans on a range of different buildings and properties all over the UK. For more information and a FREE bespoke quote contact us today.

Sparkle Cleans in Appleton Roebuck

Sparkle Cleans in Appleton Roebuck

We offer a full range of sparkle cleaning options. Whether you are looking for a deep clean after home improvement or a house building company needing properties to finished to showroom standards we can help. Simply drop us a message today and our teams will be in touch.

Builders Cleaning Service in Appleton Roebuck

Builders Cleaning Service in Appleton Roebuck

New build cleaning costs can vary depending on a number of different factors including size of property, turn-around time and number of cleaners required. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with our team now.

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Builders Cleans in Appleton Roebuck

A Builders clean and sparkle cleans in Appleton Roebuck are important so that a completed property is shown to its maximum potential after building or renovation work. 

We understand this specialist cleaning job requires both a quick turn around and outstanding results; something we pride ourselves on achieving time after time. With years of experience in new build cleaning, working with some of the country's leading construction firms, we offer a trusted and reliable service. We are used time after time, site after site, all over the country.

No job is too big or too small and our experienced teams of fully insured builders cleaners in Appleton Roebuck can quickly attend; whether it be an early start or late finish, a house, a street or block of new flats; we can get the job done at brilliant rates and get the new build looking amazing.

For more information on our builders cleaning services, contact us via the enquiry box on this page, and one of our friendly and team will call you to go through the options. 

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Types of Builders Cleaning Service

There are two main types of new build cleans within the construction industry. These are known as After Builders in Appleton Roebuck and following that a Sparkle Clean. We offer full cleaning services for both these types, with trained builders cleaners able to carry out this work at short notice if necessary. 

Cleaning After Builders Overview

The most popular post building cleaning options area:

1. Builders Clean in Appleton Roebuck

Once the builders have completed the bulk of their work, our builders' cleaners carry out a full deep cleaning service. These cleans are often quite complex and involve getting rid of dust that has built up, often getting trapped in hard to reach places. Our experienced teams know what we are looking for; dust and dirt above the doors and door frames and on top dust of kitchen units. We also clean paint specks, removing them from kitchen and bathroom suites. Our teams also remove the protective glass coverings on the windows and tape around the window frames.

With our wide range of experience within the construction industry, our experienced builders' cleaners can also identify any snags in the properties, communicating these to builders, to ensure they can rectify any issues. This primary deep cleaning allows the builders to go onto the final stage and finish all of the required building works and tweaks.

After the initial builders clean, the final stage of cleaning is then carried out. This is known as a Sparke Clean: 

2. Sparkle Cleaning in Appleton Roebuck

Once all the final building work is completed and the construction company is ready for the handover to the new homeowners, professional cleaners are called in to complete what is called a "Sparkle Clean" - in many ways it is similar to an end of tenancy clean. A Sparke Clean is basically when a property is bought up to showroom standards. No stone is left unturned.

Our skilled, fully insured building cleaning service teams specialise in these sparkle cleaning jobs and are very experienced in this line of work; working with major housebuilders as well as independent building companies. We bring all the assigned properties up to amazing standards, leaving every building, room and communal area gleaming like a showhouse.

We pride ourselves on our finishing touches; whether it be shining up the kitchen and bathroom taps or a glossy finish on tiled and wooden floors - we know how to show a building off to its maximum potential - leaving no new tenant or homeowner disappointed.

Professional Cleaners UK assures homeowner and housebuilder satisfaction, working together with the construction company for the best end result, making sure that the properties are presented and handed over in impeccable shape. We do this by working to a strict "new builders service checklist" and make sure that all our work is carried out and inspected. 

For more information about our sparkle cleaning in Appleton Roebuck contact us today. 

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Building Cleaning Service Costs

The costs of a new build, post builders or sparkle clean depends on a number of factors, these are namely: 

  • Size of the property - some cleaning jobs are just needed on small flats or apartments after building work, and on other occasions, we may need to clean an entire new build housing estate development. Let us know what you are looking for and we will quote accordingly.  
  • The number of sparkle cleaners or builders cleaners required - sometimes we just send a couple of cleaners to tackle a sparkle or new build clean, other times we can send in larger teams to get the job done more quickly. 
  • Turnaround time - if you need the job doing in a set time frame or there is more flexibility let us know. 
  • Bespoke requirements and extras - our teams can also carry out full and deep carpet cleaningjet washing and other jobs should these be necessary. 

For a bespoke quote contact us today, we can give you an initial ballpark figure or are happy to visit the property or building to put together a quote based on your individual requirements. 

New Build Cleaning Satisfaction with our Builders Cleaning Service

For all our cleaning tasks carried out as part of this New Build cleaning service, we at Professional Cleaners have “Satisfaction Sheets” which are signed off by an on-hand construction cleaning company representative. This is our way of checking that our construction and building clients are 100% happy with all the work. If there is something we think needs more attention we will rectify it there and then. We know with new build and sparkle cleans time is paramount, as is total satisfaction. In having these professional sign-off sheets we make sure that a busy process runs smoothly - ensuring that all parties and happy with the work carried out. 

Top Cleaning Training and Cleaner Presentation

Our cleaning staff are not only very experienced but also qualified and fully insured to work in this industry having studied on the relevant courses they are aware of the code of conduct and wear protective clothing which includes hi-vis vests, steel toe cap boots, protective clothing, helmets. Working on new estates and in blocks of flats means that our cleaners may also be seen by existing homeowners and tenants, in light of that they are always well-presented and considerate as they go about their work. 

Frequently Asked Question 

  1. “What is a sparkle clean and it is different from a builders clean?” Yes, they are different. A sparkle clean is when a team of cleaners carry out a high-quality deep cleaning service on a new or renovated premise, so it is ready for new tenants to move in– everything will shine and sparkle. A builders clean is more industrious; it is basically new build cleaning which can mean the cleaning of dust and more heavy-duty elements after building works. Our new-build cleaning service teams complete both builders cleans and sparkle cleans (we also offer end of tenancy cleaning options for those moving out a property).
  2. “How much do you charge?”. New build cleaning prices vary depending on the size of property and amount of work required, our fully insured teams will often visit a site to way up the amount of work before sending over a quote.
  3. "What is included in a builders clean?" It can vary but is essentially a post builders cleaning service, which means the deep cleaning of dirt, dust and debris which can be ingrained and needed specialist equipment and products. 
  4. "What is included in a sparkle clean?" A sparkle clean is a little different from more industrious builders clean. This is more about bringing a property to showroom living standards, it's a type of deep clean more aligned to an end of tenancy clean, this clean is more about adding finishing touches polishing, high-quality glasswork, hoovering etc.
  5. "How do you clean after a builder?" Builders cleaners are specially trained are normally sent in to do deal with this, as the environments can be dusty with specialist cleaning equipment and products used.
  6. We have just had some builders work done in our house and are uncertain which type of clean need as it is very dusty and it definitely needs a deep cleaning. We think it would be too much for a normal domestic cleaning team but are uncertain whether to opt for a builders cleaners or even an end of tenancy cleaning, what would you suggest?” If the work has been quite heavy we would suggest builders cleaners, as they can use equipment to really lift dust and debris, they can also use specialised products and equipment, domestic cleaning wouldn't be appropriate. 

Sparkle Cleaning Services Summary

We believe that our sparkle cleaning service is second to none offering great results and fantastic value for money. When you contact us, make sure you tell us what you are looking for, the location of the property and turn-around time. We will then put together a quote and bespoke cleaning plan so you get the results that you need. We also look after onsite office cleaning for building companies as well as offering on-doing domestic cleaning to new tenants, so if you would also like a quote on office cleaning as well as sparkle cleaning services, make sure you let us know and we will put a quote together. 

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We will call you back to you and get your property looking amazing in no time at all. No job is too big or small, so whether you are looking for a deep clean after a renovation or the cleaning of a new-build estate or fully insured cleaning teams can help.  

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