Professional Cleaning in Newport

Professional Cleaning in Newport

Welcome to Professional Cleaners UK! If you are looking for top cleaners we offer brilliant cleaning at outstanding prices. Contact us today for FREE quotes on a full range of cleaning services near you.

Professional Cleaning Services in Newport

Professional Cleaning Services in Newport

We offer a number of different cleaning services, including professional window cleaning, office cleaning, home cleaning, oven cleans, schools cleaning and much more. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Top Cleaning Company For You in Newport

A Top Cleaning Company For You in Newport

Look no further than our experienced, friendly and reliable teams. Our cleaning teams work at times to suit you and on a variety of budgets. Contact us today for more information and FREE quotes on a full range of cleaning services.

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Professional Cleaners in Newport

Welcome to Professional Cleaners UK. If you are looking for brilliant, friendly and experienced cleaners in Newport at top prices, look no further than us.

Our reliable cleaning teams offer brilliant cleaning results to suit your individual needs, budgets and cleaning requirements.

Our top cleaners carry out one-off cleaning tasks through to on-going contractual work - no job is too big or too small - and we can respond quickly should you require immediate cleaning assistance. 

So whatever type of clean you are looking for and wherever you are, contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and looking after your cleaning, quickly, efficiently and at brilliant prices. 

Simply drop us a message via the enquiry form on this message and we will give you a call to discuss our professional cleaning services and give you FREE quotes on any work you need doing.

A Top Cleaning Company 

At Professional Cleaners UK we pride ourselves on being a top quality cleaning company delivering superior cleaning and outstanding customer service every day to our loyal customers; whether that is a weekly home clean or the cleaning of large commerical premises. 

Our cleaning teams carry out regular cleaning services for a wide range of cilents spanning a range of industries; so if you are looking for a cleaning company able to deal with everything from personal flat cleans through to schools cleaning, communal cleaning, biohazard cleaning and more; we are the company and people for you.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning company, the services we provide, our cleaning costs and the areas we cover, simply drop us a message today and we will call you back to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Professional Cleaning Services

There are a range of different cleaning services available at Professional Cleaners UK, these include (but are not restricted) to the list below.

For more information on these specific cleans simply follow the link or contact us today and we will talk you through them in more detail:

  • Domestic cleaning - this covers the cleaning of houses, bungalows and flats. We can carry these out as either one-off jobs or as part of a on-going weekly or monthly regular cleaning plan. We can select a cleaner to suit your needs, carrying out the work at times suitable for you, for more information on domestic cleaning visit our individual page or drop us a message. 
  • Shop cleaning - the daily cleaning of shops is important to keep your premises looking appealing to customers; keeping you ahead of the competition in the very competitive retail world. 
  • Restaurants, bars and clubs cleans - it's very important to maintain positive public perceptions in this industry about your entertainment establishment, plus Health & Safety requirements must be met at all times. As a top cleaning company we are versed in what these are plus how to keep your premises looking amazing. Our cleaners work around the clock (at times to suit your business needs) delivering top quality results every day for a range of cilents.
  • Home cleaning - we look after home cleaning for houses of all shapes and sizes including detached, semi-detached, terraced, bungalows and more. 
  • Flat cleaning - our cleaners look after the cleaning of blocks of flats, estates and sheltered accomodation (both private and public) all over the country. We also offer discounted rates for long term cleaning contracts for landlords and freeholders. Contact us today for more information. 
  • Communal area cleaning - the cleaning of communal areas in flats, hospitals, offices and shared housing spaces, is vital so that businesses and homes are presented professionally, whilst at the same time meeting health and safety requirements. This is the most popular type of clean we deal with at Professional Cleaners. As a top cleaning company our flexible cleaners can work around tenants and workers at times to suit individual needs, with some of our jobs requiring 24 hour cleaning our cleaners are able to work on a constant rotation basis. 
  • Oven clean - we cover individual one-off personal home oven cleans through to larger oven cleaning jobs for restaurants and catering units or a more regular basis. It's a job no-one likes doing but something our professional and experienced cleaners deal with all the time. 
  • New Build, Sparkle Cleans and Builders Cleans -  we look after the cleaning and cleanup after the completion of professional building works. We also carry out Sparkle Cleans, for new buildings, houses and flats so that homes are presented at showroom standard quality. We carry these jobs for large scale house-builders as well as smaller building companies, as well as after the completion of renovation works by individuals. 
  • Biohazard cleaning - spillages which cause a health risk and need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally are something we deal with daily, don't take the risk yourself and get a professional to deal with this type of cleam asap, often health and safety is at risk with these kind of situations. Read our page to find out more about this type of clean. 
  • Window cleaning - pretty much gone are the days of the old fashioned window cleaners coming once a week with the buckets and old rags (happy days!), however, windows still need cleaning! Our cleaners look after the professional cleaning of household windows as well as large office and building cleans with professional equipment - again as an industry leading cleaning company we can carry these out as one-off jobs or on a more regular basis depending on what you need. Contact us for more information today and get a free quote today. 
  • Schools, univeristy and nursery cleans - daily cleans or end of term deep cleans are important so that learning facilities are kept clean and hygienic at all times. We all know how quickly bugs and freshers flu can be passed between pupils, teachers and students so high quality cleaning standards must never be comprimsed and mainatined at all times. Clean facilities are also proven to reduce sick days and improve teacher productivity.
  • Airport and Aircraft cleaners - daily cleans at major international and private airports are important for both cleanliness and safety reasons. Our cleaners work at both major terminals as well as private aiports enusring safety, as well as enusring that pleasant travelling conditions are enjoyed by passengers and airline crews.
  • Sofa - regular cleans mean that sofas keep looking clean and fresh - and free of spills and stains! A yearly regular clean - or after a party - can make sure that your sofa lasts longer and keeps looking great, ultimatley saving you money in the long run. 
  • Carpet cleaning - regular professional carpet cleans (both wet and dry) for domestic and commerical jobs are essential to keep homes and business looking comfortable and professional. We carry out a large number of these types of cleans in the spring after muddy winters! For more information on carpet cleaning check out our beposke page or drop us a message today.
  • Gutter - keeping gutters clean of leaves and dirt is important to stop water build up and possible damp issues in a household or building. A yearly or bi-yearly clean, depending on your location, is often requirred to keep your drains and gutters running properly and to prevent more serious damage caused by neglect.
  • One off Deep cleans - our cleaning company can carry out one-off deep cleans and professional deep cleaning in particular areas of high usage in a home or business setting; these are particularly common in areas such as the kitchen, rest-rooms and common rooms which can get dirty and shabby looking quickly.
  • Holiday Let cleaning - with Air B&B and many choosing to let out their properties before and after holiday cleans are important for all parties involved, we can look everything from full home cleans to the changing of bed linens. If this is of interest drop us a message or visit our bespke page.
  • End Of Tenancy cleaning - when you are leaving a property you should consider a full end of tenancy clean to help ensure that your deposit is returned in full. Also landlords like to carry out this kind of clean inbetween tenants to maintain a property and for peace of mind. These thorough cleans are recommended at the end of rental terms or bi-yearly to keep on top of things. 

For further information on the above types of professional cleaning options simply drop us a message and on our friendly team will call you back to talk through the various options.

Also, if there is any cleaning job not on the list, which is of interest, let us know too and will let you know if we can help. 

Professional Cleaners UK - What Makes Us Different? 

At Professional Cleaners UK we are considered one of the top cleaning companies in the country and we believe this is because of the three simple factors which make us different stand out from the crowd. These are: 

  • Our Top Cleaners - we employ only the best cleaners to carry out our jobs. Our fantastic cleaners are passionate, experienced and committed to what they do - taking a real pride in their work. We think that it's the people who make the difference to any assignment, no matter what industry you are in! Our cleaners are therefore well trained and looked after; we believe happy cleaners deliver the best results. 
  • Top Quality Cleaning Products - we ensure that our brilliant cleaners only use top quality products to carry out all our cleaning jobs. We strongly believe that there is no point having great cleaners if they are not given leading products to compliment their skills and expertise. So as well having the most suitable cleaning products for the job at hand we also make sure that they are high quality to maximise and achieve the best results possible.
  • Equipment - we make sure that our cleaners are equipped with the top cleaning equipment to carry out all their jobs. Similar to having the right products, this ensures that our high standards of cleanliness are met time after time. 

Top Cleaners, Top Products, Top Equipment

We believe the combination of these three factors is what makes us and our cleaners stand out from the crowd and therefore deliver outstanding results for all our customers. 

As well making sure that the three factors are always adherred to we also centrally review and monitor our cleaners, products and equipment. This is done on a regular basis to ensure top cleaning results for you. 

Our passion and commitment at Professional Cleaners UK is what we think stand us out from the other top cleaning companies.

If you would like a quote for any of your cleaning jobs in Newport or for more information about the services we offer, simply drop us a message today via the contact us box on this page and we'll get back to you with more information and rates. 

Bespoke Professional Cleaning Jobs

At Professional Cleaners we treat each job and each cilent as individuals, each special and bespoke.

Every home and business we deal is obviously a different shape, different size and you're all unique - so we don't treat you all the same.

Cleaning is not a "one size fits all"!

When we get your enquiry we therefore like to chat to you to find out more about what you are looking for. 

Cleanliness, hygiene, friendliness and trust are all paramount so we carefully select our cleaners for each and every job based on your needs.

Read more about our Cleaning Services here.

Cleaning Checklist

After completing each cleaning assignment our cleaners run through a bespoke checklist to make sure that each job is completed to suit your individual needs and specifications. This means that nothing is missed and the assignment is carried out to the level required and expected by both you and us.

We also carry out regular checks to make sure that our cleaners are continuing to maintain industry leading standards across all jobs, giving you peace of mind. 

Professional Cleaners - Our Mantra!

  • No job is too big or to small - we always treat job with the same level of commitment and professionalism whether you are one-off clean or a major on-going contract. 
  • We can work with most budgets and time-scales at times to suit you - whether carrying the work out when you are at work or home, or whilst you are at work or overnight - we will clean at times to suit you whilst being accomodating to different sized budgets.
  • We are a fast growing but friendly top cleaning company - who looks forward to working you and getting your home, business or enterprise clean and sparkling, wherever you are. 

Cleaners Near Me in Newport

At Professional Cleaners UK we employ cleaners of a variety of ages and of diverse backgrounds - the one thing they have in common is that they are committed and brilliant cleaners, who love their job, are dedicated, reliable and friendly. We think those qualities make the leading cleaners and are what seperates us from other cleaning companies in the market.

If you are looking for a cleaning job within our fast growing and exciting company drop us a message and we will get back to you! 

Professional Cleaning Products

At Professional Cleaners we also review products, machinery and cleaning tools for personal or domestic use. 

Check out our current guide to the best vacuum cleaners!

Contact Us Today

That is us in a nutshell! 

We are a friendly, professional cleaning company who can look after your cleaning jobs.

So, if you are interested in Professional Cleaners UK and our variety of cleaning services in Newport contact us today via the message box on this page for more information and FREE quotes.

We'll give you a call back to chat through what you are looking. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working with with you in the future!