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Welcome to our handy guide to help you find the best fridge freezer on the market today. 

A fridge freezer is a must for any kitchen, and if you’re a real foodie (or just live in a busy household), you may even have more one than one. Long gone are the days of a tiny freezer shelf in a small waist-high refrigerator – now there’s a whole host of fridge freezer types, shapes, sizes and additional features to fit all budgets and spaces. But with so many on the market, where to start?! Let us help.

These are our top-rated fridge freezers available on the market at the moment and trust us: there’s something for everyone.

Best Fridge Freezer 2024 UK - The Results

Check out the overall winners in our test, simply follow the links below, or read our thoughts further down the page. 

Best Overall Fridge Freezers

Samsung 70/30 Fridge Freezer - more info here

LG InstaView Fridge Freezer - more info here

Best Cheap Fridge Freezers

Essentials C50 Fridge Freezer - more info here

Indesit IBD 50/50 Fridge Freezer - more info here

Best All-Round Fridge Freezers

Grundig GQN Fridge Freezer - more info here

LOGIK LSD550 50/50 Fridge Freezer - more info here

Best Fridge Freezer For Families

MIELE KFN 60/40 Fridge Freezer - more info here

Most Stylish Fridge Freezer

SMEG FAB32 Fridge Freezer - more info here

Mid-price Fridge Freezer

Beko CSG 50/50 Fridge Freezer - more info here

At Professional Cleaners UK we test and review products awarding and selecting the very best based on a number of factors. We are independently owned and the views expressed are our own. We are a national professional cleaning company that may receive a small commission from the companies we review; this helps us keep our product review pages free of subscriptions for you. All prices are accurate at the time of writing.   

We hope you enjoy our Best Fridge Freezer UK guide and find the right fridge freezer for you. 

1. Samsung RB31 70/30 Fridge Freezer - £399

This sleek and stacked silver Samsung fridge freezer makes an impressive addition to any kitchen.

A 70/30 model, means that 70% of the structure is for the fridge and 30% for the freezer. The fridge on top offers a hefty 210 litre capacity of space with chilling technology built into all walls and the door to keep the temperature even throughout – so there’s no icy corners or warmer spots, and anti-bacterial protection if provided. An integrated water dispenser is built into the front of the fridge so you’ll always have cold drinking water on tap without having to clamber over your washing up. The shelves inside are tempered glass, so look great but are extra strong, along with one easy-slide shelf for easy accessibility. A salad crisper and egg rack are built-in, and a dedicated dairy compartment enhances food safety and separation. There’s also a wine rack, bottle rack and can rack to hold other drinks!

The freezer is fairly large too, with 98 litres of storage across three clear-fronted drawers (meaning it’s easy to see at a glance what you’ve got in and what sits where). The no-frost system keeps everything at the right temperature without ice build-up, and the freezer keeps everything frozen for up to 20 hours without power – no need to sweat powercuts! The whole fridge freezer is energy efficiency rated A+ and comes with a 10-year parts warranty.

SUMMARY: A truly great all-around model at a great price, it does everything and more you would expect from a fridge freezer with a few hidden bonuses. A great model for all users. 

For more information or to buy this great model click here

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2. LG InstaView American-Style Fridge Freezer - £3799.99

An American-style fridge freezer is one that opens with double doors – just like films from the US in big houses always show! The LG InstaView is the ultimate in home comfort for big families and has absolutely everything you could ever need or think of in a fridge freezer.

Technology ahoy, the InstaView fridge freezer can show you what’s nestled within without you even having to open the door – just knock on the door and it becomes transparent, so you can quickly peek through and decide what to make! The LG’s DoorCooling+ and LinearCooling technologies work together to keep food properly chilled at all times and ensures the temperature is even throughout without fluctuation. A built-in water dispenser is complemented with an ice machine for cubes and crushed ice, and both are sterilised hourly with UV light to keep a clean tank drink-after-drink. Great big fridge and freezer compartments. 

Users can link their fridge freezer with their phone or device using the LG ThinQ app which allows them to adjust the temperature and to check capacity. Frost-free materials ensure that that you never need to defrost the appliance and that the available space can be best used… with food!

SUMMARY: This is just a brilliant model with everything and more. It comes with a big price tag but that is to be expected - it was the winner of the best all-round fridge freezer in our guide. 

For more information or to buy this top American fridge freezer model click here. 

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3. Grundig GQN Fridge Freezer  £1399.99

 You’d be hard-pressed to find a smarter and more modern looking fridge freezer than the Grundig GQN and it truly stands out.

Grundig’s Duo Cooling system uses two different cooling systems for the fridge and freezer, avoiding contaminating air and odours between the two. The carbon odour filter offers another level of smell protection and the Air Flow Cooling technology circulates the air evenly when the doors are closed. A touch control digital display makes for super easy usage, and functions such as Fast Freeze and Quick Cool can help give an extra blast of icy temperatures as and when required.

The FullFresh+ Crisper Grundig introduce with the GQN helps keeps healthy fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days by controlling humidity and airflow, promoting a healthy and low-calorie natural diet. An additional Super Fresh Zone maintains a temperature just above freezing to keep meat, fish and dairy as fresh as possible. But that’s not all the tech! The IonFresh programme neutralises bacteria throughout the fridge and the Vitamin Care programme uses blue LED lights to maintain the high vitamin content of fruit and veg.

Of course, food isn’t all you keep – and with a built-in wine cooler for up to 28 bottles, an internal (plumbed) water dispenser and an ice machine, you can keep well hydrated, too.

Could this be the right fridge freezer for you?

SUMMARY: An outstanding model - stylish, modern, eco-friendly, great energy rating, frost-free, large freezer capacity and holds 28 bottles. It came out highly in our tests and was the joint overall winner. A brilliant fridge freezer for large families.

For more information and to purchase this great model click here. 

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4. SMEG FAB32 Fridge Freezer - £1699.99

SMEG is a household name, synonymous with beautiful design and stunning interior appliances. The SMEG FAB32 is nothing less than a magnificent design piece and a brilliant fridge freezer.

In bright red with chrome finishes and thick round contours, it looks straight out of a 1950s diner and can jazz up any kitchen! Don’t be fooled by aesthetics, though – the FAB32 is firmly in the 21st century when it comes to tech.

An unbeatable A+++ energy efficiency rating means it is as environmentally friendly as it can get, and 234 litre capacity of fridge space and 97 litre capacity of freezer space make for a roomy home for family food and drinks. The fan-assisted cooling keeps groceries evenly cool and avoids ice build-up. The bottom drawer of the fridge is individually temperature-controlled and can be set from -2 to +3c depending on what’s inside. And if you make it back from the shops a little later than expected due to traffic or errands, you can turn on the freezers ‘fast freeze’ function to avoid things defrosting too thoroughly.

SUMMARY: Not just a stylish-looking model but this great SMEG fridge fresher is an environmentally friendly and large freestanding fridge freezer with a great energy rating. Very popular with young professionals and those who like their kitchen appliances to both perform and look great. Highly recommended. 

For more information and to purchase this model click here. 

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5. MIELE KFN 60/40 Fridge Freezer - £999.99

The MIELE is a classic fridge freezer that looks sleek and works perfectly.

Running on MIELE DynaCool technology, its internal airflow systems evenly distribute the cool air over its contents to maintain consistent temperatures most conducive to fresh food. The freezer works on an anti-ice system and with an energy efficiency rating of A+++ and a 20-year lifespan, you’ll be set for many, many meals ahead!

SUMMARY: No white goods review would be complete without a Miele - world leaders in many kitchen appliances. This classic fridge freezer from Meile is what you would expect - a brilliant model, a long life span, frost-free, energy-efficient and stylish. Great for busy family living. 

For more information and to buy this model click here.

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6. Samsung RB38 70/30 Fridge Freezer - £799.99

The Samsung RB38 works by controlling humidity to keep a perfect temperature in both the fridge and the freezer unit and avoids any mixing of smells and flavours.

The walls of the appliance are efficient but slim, allowing as much room as possible to pack ingredients into; and the CoolSelect Plus Zone can be switched between fridge or freezer temperatures at the flick of the switch in case you need any overflow for one or the other.

FRIDGE FREEZER SUMMARY: This was a fantastic all-rounder, it was popular with young professionals and small families (with a great energy rating) and comes at an attractive price point. Stylish in colour as well, it has a great freezer capacity and is frost free.

For more information and to purchase this Samsung fridge freezer model click here.

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7. Essentials C50 Fridge Freezer - £129.99

No big budget? No problem! The Essentials C50 is a great cheaper option for keeping your food fresh - does everything you need it to.

There are 89 litres of fridge space and 29 litre capacity in the freezer, with separate salad compartments. The energy rating for the C50 is A+, so it’ll save on your energy bills too, and it's super quiet so you needn’t worry about in-the-middle-of-the-night banging and whirring. Decent fridge and freezer compartments. 

FRIDGE FREEZER SUMMARY: Our top-rated cheap model, the price tag may be small but it has an impressive energy rating, is frost-free and storage capacity. Highly recommended. 

For more information or to buy this model click here.  

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8. LOGIK LSD550 50/50 Fridge Freezer - £249.99

We loved this Logik Model - it was something of a hidden gem!

A+ energy rated, a 2.5-litre water dispenser, strong LED lighting, adjustable shelves, three freezer drawers and a freezer tray – what more could you want from a fridge freezer that’s less than £200 and available for quick delivery?

FRIDGE FREEZER SUMMARY: This was a bit of a surprise package - stylish, cheap and popular. We thought that was a really great all-rounder and excellent value for money. 

For more information or to purchase this Logik fridge freezer click here.

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9. Indesit IBD 50/50 Fridge Freezer - £239.99

A great model from Indesit enters the guide - brilliant results and a low price tag. 

A solid mid-range fridge freezer contender, the Indesit IBD uses sensors to constantly monitor and tweak humidity and temperature, has a Fast Freeze function for getting food down to cool quickly and comes with a 10-year parts guarantee for peace of mind. In stunning grey, it has a stainless steel look. 

FRIDGE FREEZER SUMMARY: This was a mid-range winner for obvious winners. stylish, cheap, frost-free, great energy rating and a 10 guarantee. A really great model. 

For more information and to purchase this model click here. 

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10. Beko CSG 50/50 Fridge Freezer - £329.99

 The final in our guide is this stylish black version from the brilliant Beko!

Smart in black yet unassuming, the Beko CSG looks great and functions perfectly. Adjustable glass shelves give storage flexibility, an antibacterial door seal prevents bacteria from forming and a larger salad crisper gives plenty of dedicated space for your fruit and veg. The A+ energy consumption rating is impressive and the reversible door means it can fit just about anywhere.

FRIDGE FREEZER SUMMARY: Another mid-range winner. It had great energy efficiency and its reversible door meant it was ideal for small spaces and modern living, keeping food fresh and bills down. A really good fridge freezer. 

For more information and to buy this model click here.

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History and Benefits of a Fridge Freezer

Introduction: The refrigerator freezer, commonly known as the fridge freezer, is an indispensable appliance in most households today. It plays a crucial role in preserving and cooling food items, ensuring their freshness and preventing spoilage. In this article, we will explore the history of the fridge freezer and discuss its numerous benefits.

I. The Early Years: The concept of refrigeration dates back to ancient times when people used natural ice and underground storage to keep food cool. However, it wasn't until the 18th and 19th centuries that significant advancements were made in the field of refrigeration technology. Pioneers such as Oliver Evans, Jacob Perkins, and Carl von Linde developed various methods and machines that laid the foundation for modern refrigeration.

II. The Birth of the Fridge Freezer: The invention of the fridge freezer can be attributed to multiple inventors and engineers who made significant contributions. In 1834, Jacob Perkins patented the vapor-compression refrigeration system, which formed the basis for modern refrigeration technology. In 1876, Carl von Linde developed the first practical and commercially successful electric refrigerator, using ammonia as the refrigerant.

III. Evolution and Advancements: Throughout the 20th century, continuous advancements were made to enhance the efficiency and convenience of fridge freezers. These advancements included the introduction of automatic defrosting, adjustable temperature controls, improved insulation materials, and the addition of freezer compartments. By the mid-20th century, fridge freezers had become a common fixture in households worldwide.

IV. Benefits of the Fridge Freezer:

  1. Food Preservation: The primary benefit of a fridge freezer is its ability to preserve food for extended periods. The cold temperatures slow down bacterial growth, reducing spoilage and extending the freshness of perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats.

  2. Convenience: A fridge freezer allows users to store a wide variety of food items, enabling them to plan meals in advance and reduce wastage. It provides a convenient solution for storing leftovers, freezing bulk purchases, and preserving seasonal produce.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Modern fridge freezers are designed with energy-saving features, such as improved insulation, high-efficiency compressors, and better temperature control systems. These advancements help reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

  4. Health and Safety: By maintaining proper temperatures, a fridge freezer helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. It also enables the storage of vaccines, medications, and other temperature-sensitive items.

  5. Improved Food Quality: Freezing food in a fridge freezer helps retain its nutritional value and flavor. It allows consumers to enjoy seasonal produce year-round and preserve homemade meals for future consumption.

  6. Organization and Space Optimization: Fridge freezers offer various storage options, including shelves, drawers, and door compartments, allowing users to organize their food efficiently. The inclusion of freezer compartments enables separate storage for frozen goods, making it easier to locate and access items.

The invention and development of the fridge freezer revolutionized the way we store and preserve food. Its history is a testament to the ingenuity and innovation of numerous inventors. Today, fridge freezers continue to be an essential appliance, providing us with convenience, food safety, and enhanced culinary experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Fridge Freezer

Here are the most popular questions we get asked when someone is looking to buy a fridge freezer: 

Which Fridge Freezer should I buy?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a fridge freezer, so one person’s perfect model simply won’t work for another. When browsing the myriad of fridge freezers on offer, ask yourself:

  • What budget do I have to spend? We have listed the best deals that we can find on our chosen models through Currys. 

  • What space do I have to fit this fridge freezer into?

  • Freezer compartment layout and ratio, including litre capacity.

  • Are you looking for a traditional model, a smart fridge freezer? American style fridge freezer? Freestanding fridge freezer? A stainless steel version?

  • What colour scheme do I need to fit this fridge freezer into? 

  • A stylish fridge door?

  • Do I need more fridge space or more freezer space - what fridge capacity, freezer capacity or storage capacity are you after? Something for larger families or a single person?

  • How many freezer compartments or crisper drawers? Fridge section layout. 

  • Do you want integrated fridge freezers options?

  • Do I need additional features such as water dispenser options, frost-free, wine rack or ice machines?

  • What energy rating fridge freezer do I need to either maintain or lower my current energy bills? We explore all energy rating options (more info on energy rating can be found by following the links), running costs can be reduced with more energy-efficient models. Energy ratings are key for ongoing lower bills. 

  • Multi-door and storage options.

  • What guarantee or warranty would I like for the fridge freezer?

  • Do you want a water and ice dispenser?

  • Cold air distribution and freezer space options to keep fruit and veg.

  • Do you want glass shelves?

  • What fridge freezer capacity do you need?

  • Do you want a freezer compartment separate from the fridge compartment?

  • Do you want an ice dispenser? An ice dispenser is a must-have for many!

  • Are you looking for a spacious fridge freezer? What fridge freezer features are important to you?

  • Something to keep food fresher for longer or a standard fruit and vegetable model? A separate fridge and freezer part?

  • Value for money - bear in mind value can be had at all price points so make sure you think about what exactly you want to pay.

From these we awarded categories such as:

  • Best budget fridge freezer UK 2022

  • Best cheap fridge freezer 2022

  • Most energy efficient fridge freezer UK 2022

  • Best American fridge freezer UK 2022

Your perfect fridge freezer will meet most, if not all, of the requirements you have and will fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life in the kitchen. We lookeded at energy efficient fridge freezers in all our tests - with the overall best integrated fridge freezer falling into this category. 

Which Brand of Fridge Freezer is Most Reliable in your Best Fridge Freezers UK 2022 guide?

Whilst you will undoubtedly spot some big, well-known brand names as you browse for a new fridge freezer, there’s no longer anyone brand dominating the space for reliability (and no one has a separate fridge and freezer now). Instead, shop each model on its merits but compare brands like-for-like where it matters – on the aftersales support, the impartial customer reviews, the warranty and the guarantee. Of course, you may have your own brand preferences (a Bosch Serie 6, Samsung, Miele, Samsung Family Hub), but don’t let this entirely colour your purchase decision… the name isn’t everything! Always search for the best deals as well. 

What is the best cheap fridge freezer?

Our guide has highlighted some great budget freeze freezer options, these include the Logik and Essentials; although their price tags are small they are still great models. Both are freestanding fridge freezer models, with good fridge capacity and freezer capacity, both will keep your food fresher for longer at a great price. More expensive models and high tech fridge freezer options include the Bosch Serie 6 and those available at John Lewis and other more pricey retailers but for many a cheap fridge freezer is all that is needed. As well as this guide check our previous best fridge freezer 2021 UK guide as well. 

What’s an Integrated Fridge Freezer?

An integrated fridge freezer is a fridge freezer that’s hidden or semi-hidden in what appears at first glance to be another kitchen cupboard, it is one of the most popular fridge freezers to buy in modern living. These appliances are popular in new-builds and are offered with lots of purpose-built or refurbished kitchens. An integrated fridge freezer ensures that your kitchen aesthetic is consistent and nothing ‘stands out’.

What’s the difference between a plumbed and a refillable water dispenser?

Fridge freezers with in-built water dispensers usually specify whether they’re ‘plumbed in’ or ‘refillable’. A plumbed-in water dispenser sources water directly from your home’s supply and so never needs topping up, as it essentially comes straight from the pipes. A refillable water dispenser sources its water from an internal tank, so once empty, you’ll need to pop it under the tap and fill it back up.

When can I put food in my new Fridge Freezer?

Once your new fridge freezer is unpacked, installed and turned on, it will need a little settling time before food can be placed inside. This allows for the air to circulate and the temperature to even and stabilise so that the food and drink to be kept within can be properly maintained. The instruction leaflet with your new fridge freezer should specify a set time before you should place food within, but as a general guide:

  • If your new fridge freezer was transported upright, give it an hour before you plug it in – to allow all of the fluids to shift back into their correct place

  • If your new fridge freezer was transported on its side, give it up to 4hours before you plug it in

  • Give all internal surfaces of your new fridge freezer a quick wipe down before you place any food or drink in, to ensure cleanliness, including the fruit and veg compartment inside the fridge

  • Pop food in after an hour or so inside the fridge– when you can begin to feel cool air when you put a hand inside.

Will you be doing a Best Fridge Freezer 2023 guide?

Yes we will, we will release this in due course, as in this one we will look at samsung fridge freezer options as well as a range of other models. 

Summary - Fridge Freezer Guide

There are loads of brilliant fridge freezers out on the market and truly something to suit everyone.

In our guide, we have looked at lots of models, from American style fridge freezers to smart fridge freezer models and freestanding fridge freezer brands as well. 

Try not to get too carried away with all of the mod cons and technology programmes that now grace our white goods, but remember: a happy fridge = a happy home… because no one wants a warm salad, do they?! We have looked at the most important factors including the best deals, fridge capacity, freezer capacity, different ratios eg. a 50/50 fridge freezer, overall storage space and energy-efficient models to save money long term as well. 

We hope you have enjoyed our Fridge Freezer guide and found a perfect fridge freezer model for your needs. 

If you have enjoyed this fridge freezer guide please check out our other guides today - best dishwashers, best washing machine, best vacuum cleaners, best steam cleaner, best pressure washers, best air purifiers, best tumbler dryers and more. 

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