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Welcome to our handy guide to help you find the best washing machines on the market today. 

As you know a washing machine is a household necessity, however, they aren’t cheap, so you’ll need to be sure whichever one you choose is right for your household, bank balance and the amount of washing you do.

In our free and independent guide to the best washing machines around, we will look at a range of models including Samsung washing machines, Miele, Indesit, Hoover and more, to find something suitable for your needs. All of the washing machines we mention here have been favourably reviewed and comprehensively tested by consumer champions and industry publications; so you can be sure of the best possible quality and performance, no matter what your budget or washing requirements are.

Best Washing Machine 2024 UK - Results

Check out the overall winners and simply follow the links below, or read our thoughts further down the page. 

Best Overall Washing Machine

Samsung Ecobubble - more info here 

Bosch 1400 Spin - more info here

Best Cheap Washing Machine

Indesit Eco - more info here

Logik 1400 - more info here

Best Value Washing Machine

Candy Washing Machine - more info here

Best Family Washing Machine 

Miele TwinDos - more info here

Most Stylish Washing Machine 

SMEG Washing Machine - more info here

At Professional Cleaners UK we test and review products awarding and selecting the very best based on a number of factors. We are independently owned and the views expressed are our own. We are a national professional cleaning company that may receive a small commission from the companies we review; this helps us keep our product review pages free of subscriptions for you. Prices of models are updated monthly but check with retailers websites.    

We hope you enjoy the guide and find the washing machine you are looking for. 

1. Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine - £370

The first model in our guide is the fantastic Samsung Ecobubble! This chic dark grey machine (also available in white) has been advertised on TV so you may well have seen or heard about it already. So how did it come out in our independent tests? 

Well to be honest, with a 9kg capability and a spin speed of 1400rpm (plus an A+++ rating for energy consumption), we believe that you will struggle to find form or function better than this top Samsung washing machine. In almost every aspect we found the Ecobubble to be superb, they have achieved this by improving previous washing machines and by integrating ecobubble technology; a unique method of blending detergent with water and air to create a washing mix that’s much "bubblier" - hence the name. The bubbles aren't just for fun though, they penetrate fabrics effortlessly, removing dirt and stains (even on a cool wash time); allowing even the most eco-conscious consumer the opportunity to take on some heavy-duty laundry without cranking up the heat!

The interior drum is embossed with diamond shapes to prevent clothes snagging and to hold a cushioning layer of water. The detergent drawer has been upgraded too – it flushes itself through with jets of water to clean away any residue and ensure every last bit is used.

In summary, the Samsung Ecobubble WW90 combines efficiency with environmental-mindedness to deliver superior energy efficiency and long-lasting performance that’s second-to-none, all with minimal noise. It’s even ‘smart’ and can be linked to your smartphone with an App to monitor performance and help diagnose any detected issues!

Review summary: The Samsung Ecobubble is perfect for busy homes and medium-sized households with a variety of wash needs and a focus on saving money and energy alike. A superb washing machine which won the best overall washing machine in our guide. 

For more information, specifications or to purchase this top washing machine click here.

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2. Miele TwinDos Washing Machine - £849.99

Miele washing machines are known for their excellence and so it is no surprise to see them in our top washing machine guide! With lots of models to choose from, we decided to go for the Miele WKH as it demonstrated many of the traits that they are known and respected in this leading washing machine brand. 

The Miele TwinDos washer machine is the ultimate in performance; laundering your clothes to a level that is second-to-none with a variety of new technologies and traditional wash programming to reach new heights in clean clothes.

Automatic detergent dispensing puts an end to greasy stains on fabrics, and the QuickPowerWash setting is able to achieve the results you would expect from a heavy-duty industrial machine in just 59-minutes! Seven specialist stain removal settings give users the opportunity to combat staining; spanning over twenty stain types, and able to remove up to three at once. If you’re really in a rush, the pre-ironing setting can lightly heat the drum after the final spin, to smooth fabrics and make ironing faster and easier. A great integrated washing machine. Good energy rating. 

Review summary: This high-end machine is ideal for those washing on a heavy-duty scale or having to deal with stubborn stains and hefty soils. With quick top class results and spin speed, the iron mode we felt was great for young professionals, medium-sized households and young families. Achieves amazing results time after time. Highly recommended. 

For more information or to purchase this amazing Miele washing machine click here.

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3. Indesit Eco Washing Machine - £249

The ideal budget washing machine, the Indesit IWC Eco machine aims for great results every time, without splashing the cash to get there. We found this the best cheap washing machine in our washing machine reviews; it offered good results for a small price. 

A focus on efficiency and eco-friendly credentials allows the Indesit customer to save money as they save the planet… and get all their whites shiny bright! This washer machine weighs each wash load as it’s turned on and then rations its water and electricity to use only the appropriate amount for it depending on what’s in the drum at any one time. Sports and gym fans may choose from specialist programs including "sportswear washes" to tackle grass stains and tough dirt marks across heavy-duty kit and nylon mix activewear, and sports shoes washes to effectively clean even the heaviest-used of trainers!

Review summary: This washer machine is perfect for those conscious of their environmental impact and their bank balance. It achieved impressive results for a cheap price. Recommended as the best budget washing machine. 

For more information or to purchase the popular cheap washing machine click here

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4. Hoover Next 1600 Spin Washing Machine - £329.99

Hoover is a super-brand in the "white goods" world (they don't just make the best vacuums), as this brilliant hoover washing machine demonstrates.

The Hoover Next model came out strongly in a lot of your tests - even though many didn't think it was the prettiest of washing machines - it offered great results and value for money! We found that the beauty of the Hoover Next machine was in its versatility. It has a variety of different programs which cater for all fabrics, as well as those busy times when you just need to bung everything in; this is covered with its amazing "All In One" 59-minute cycle. We felt this hoover washing machine particularly suited busy households and those with busy lives. 

The Hoover Next has thought of everything to make washing easy. The port-hole is extra large for easy un/loading and the Hoover Dynamic programming allows the clever machine to constantly monitor its own performance; this means it basically optimises and amends its cycles as needed; basically an intelligent washing machine.  What’s more, it’s an NFC machine (just like a contactless payment card) so using an Android smartphone with its partner app, you can switch washes on and off, monitor and operate settings and keep an eye on energy expenditure used. Again great for modern living. 

Summary: This machine is perfect for big families, medium-sized households and those with busy lives. Easy to use, able to take big loads, app operated, good energy rating & spin speed, quick wash options and offering intelligent washing benefits (adjusting water and detergent levels), it was well priced and value for money. Highly recommended. 

For more information or to purchase this top washing machine, simply click here

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5. SMEG Washing Machine - £469

A luxury freestanding washing machine that’s a must-have for Smeg fans, this beautifully designed Smeg washing machine blends perfectly with other Smeg white goods and is neatly hidden away from view with its cosmetic and stylish door. A brilliant washing machine for those who want the washing done to a high standard but also want a washer machine that looks great in their home. 

That said, with a 7kg load capability, 1400 rpm spin cycle, A+++ energy rating and wash options starting from just 15-minutes, this brilliant washing machine also has everything you could ask for in practical terms; it's not just a stylish option! This brilliant Smeg washer machine has fifteen pre-set programs to launder different categories and types of clothing to their full potential. One of the most popular programs is the Night Mode, whereby the machine waits until overnight hours to start washing at a time when energy rates are cheaper. This is great for a detached home but not for those living in flats or where you may have to be conscious of neighbours!

The reinforced 7kg drum is built for longevity and the Aquastop anti-flood device means that even if it were to give up the ghost, you can be sure that the machine wouldn’t flood your kitchen with water – a good thing to know for those with other expensive appliances to match. Could this be the next washing machine for you?

Best Washing Machine 2021 Summary: This washer machine is perfect for those with a style-curated home and those looking for a washer machine that looks great, has a good spin speed and makes a statement. Results were excellent even on tough stains as well, it didn't just look smart but produced brilliant cleaning. 

For more information on this and other stunning Smeg washing machines click here.  

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6. Logik 1400 Washing Machine - £209.99

Don’t be fooled by this Logik washing machine’s cheap price tag – you’ll be surprised by just how much they’ve managed to cram into a machine retailing for less than £200!

A 7kg drum capacity and 1400 rpm spin cycle put this machine on an even keel with all of the others listed here, performance-wise. Pre-set wash cycle programs start from just a quarter of an hour-long, with the unique ability to be able to delay for 24-hours; allowing users to fit their laundry loads into their busy schedules no matter how hectic they may be! Sixteen set programs offer the ideal washes for a variety of laundry loads and stain removal, everything can be monitored right from the machine’s LED screen. A solid integrated washing machine. Good energy rating.

Washing machine review summary: This machine is ideal for those who don’t have time to spend on household chores such as laundry, nor the appetite to spend heavily on the goods to complete them. A fantastic cheap model for those with busy lifestyles and for medium-sized households.

For more information to buy this Logik washing machine click here. 

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7. Bosch 1400 Spin Washing Machine - £399.99

Another super-brand in the washing machine world is Bosch! A mid-range price tag for a heavy-duty freestanding washing machine, the Bosch WAT 1400 rpm is designed for busy and big families with hectic schedules and lots of laundry and clothes to get through!

The large 9kg drum capacity can be filled and things still operate on an energy-efficient basis thanks to the A+++ energy rating. The wave-drum structure within the room drum allows for constant water flow that’s slightly agitated to distribute detergent perfectly and rinse thoroughly even through the most soiled of items. Even despite its large capacity and 1400 rpm, if laundry needs completing in a hurry, the Bosch WAT has you covered. The 15-minute cycle can handle up to 2kg for an efficient clean (that’s the equivalent of about 10 shirts), and the detergent drawer is self-cleaning, so you needn’t worry about constantly scrubbing it out. It also has a good maximum spin speed.

What’s more, the Bosch WAT won’t disturb the kids once they’ve gone to bed either… as the advanced motor produces maximum efficiency even at exceptionally low noise levels. It comes with a 10-year guarantee too, so you can rest assured it’ll stay quiet even as it grows old; even if your mother-in-law does the opposite!

Best washing machine reviews summary: This 1400 rpm machine is perfect for big and busy families who need lots of laundries washed efficiently and quietly. The 10-year guarantee is a great bonus too as is its energy rating and good wash cycle options. Great overall washing performance and best all-around washing machine. 

For more information to purchase this Bosch washing machine click here.

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8. Hotpoint WMXTF742G 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - £319.99

Busy families with varying needs often struggle to find an ‘all-round’ washing machine that can take equal care of everyone – but the Hotpoint WMX definitely manages to do so.

Mucky children’s clothes can be quickly cleaned off with rapid cycles as quick as 9 minutes, and the unique anti-stain cycle is a must-have for those with toddlers or teenagers who always return home with mystery stains! The freestanding machine works with an anti-allergy cycle using high-temperature technology and extra rinses to neutralise allergens; and it’s been proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of them, even without specialist detergents. Furthermore, Mum and Grandma can take good care of their woollens using the Woolmark Platinum Care Programme to utilise an extra gentle drum cycle and low spin speeds to keep delicates looking tip-top.

Washing machine review summary: This machine is ideal for families and medium-sized households with mixed needs; including stain removal, a good energy rating, allergy care and a mix of fabrics.

For more information or to purchase this Hotpoint washing machine click here.

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9. Zanussi Washing Machine - £349

Perhaps the ‘Jack of all trades’ of washing machines, the Zanussi works brilliantly for a range of needs. It plays host to a variety of specialist programmes, including cotton, delicates and denim, for the optimum clean no matter the garment; all taken care of efficiently by a 1400rpm spin speed to reduce drying times.

For smaller loads, a 30c wash can service up to 3kg of soiled laundry in just 30 minutes – though you don’t need to worry about the energy rating of your washes when this comes graded as A+++ for efficiency! Any wash cycle can be halved using the QuickWash option, and the LCD display shows you exactly how long is left on the programme you’ve selected. You can even delay your wash starting for up to 20hrs – so why not run it overnight, when your electricity costs will be cheaper?

Washing machine reviews summary: This machine works great for those who feel they have a variety of laundry needs but don’t know exactly what is coming. Super price and a solid all-around performer. 

For more information or to purchase this Zanussi washing machine click here

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10. LG TurboWash Washing Machine - £529.99

The ultimate in smart tech for laundry, the LG TurboWash isn’t your average washing machine: it’s so much more!

Use your Android smartphone to download wash programmes and read up on laundry hints and tips, the machine is NFC enabled so can be linked through Bluetooth. The Smart Diagnosis system on the machine will update your phone if there are any issues with the wash, and will self-diagnose to try and fix itself in the unlikely event that a problem occurs. Combine this innovative tech with LG’s patented 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which includes a variety of drum motions and speeds for unprecedented control over your laundry (even as it’s washing!) makes for a really special machine. This all enables you to ensure the perfect wash every time, no matter how stained, soiled or speedy. Extra rinse options as well. 

Washing machine reviews summary: This machine is the perfect addition to a household that loves its tech! It was favoured by young professionals and has a good energy rating and was also good on stubborn stains. Washing clothes was never been so easy!

For more information or to purchase this LG washing machine click here.

That completes our top 10 washing machines but the below are also worth a look and just missed out. 

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11. AEG ProSteam L7FEE865R Washing Machine - £579.99

True to AEG’s signature style, the ProSteam L7F looks great and its function truly matches up to its form. It holds premium certifications from Woolmark, Lenor and Arial – which is no mean feat in the laundry world where brands normally choose to compete against each other in endorsing equipment! The ProSteam programming is designed to minimise the need for ironing by reducing wrinkles and drying garments off evenly with steam. Working alongside this, ProSense technology weighs each wash load and only uses the exact time and water consumption needed for an effective launder adjusted bespoke to your washing requirements, every time. The SoftPlus feature disperses detergent and soap evenly throughout (no more greasy marks from overloading!), and the specialist fabric programmes are each designed by experts for the ultimate material care. The AEG ProSteam L7F isn’t the cheapest of washing machines, granted, but it’s one of the best – and some of the industry’s leading names agree.

Best buy washing machines review summary: This machine works brilliantly for the eco-conscious (with a good balance of water and detergent use) and those with delicate fabric washing needs. It also has a good load capacity for medium-sized households. Highly recommended. 

For more information or to purchase this brilliant AEG washing machine click here

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12. Candy 8kg 1400 Spin Washer Machine - £229.99

A minimalist looking freestanding machine, you may not have heard of the Candy washing machine before; and to be honest, you may struggle to find many stockists of them. That said, now’s the time to do your research into this brand – because this machine stacks well up against the best of ‘em.

Candy washing machines GVS holds an impressive 8kg load with a 1200rpm spin cycle, which is unusually high performance for a machine at this price level. It holds all the standard features you’d expect from a washing machine – custom programmes, low-temperature options, quick washes – as well as some you wouldn’t. A ‘quick weigh’ sensor to monitor and judge the weight of your wash load within the first four minutes ensures your laundry only ever takes as long as it needs to, and never uses excess water. Economical night-time washes can be taken advantage of without having to stay up late thanks to a handy time delay, so there’s really no need to overspend on your laundry loads… or your machine! The downsides? It’s not the quietest, and there’s no low-volume tech built-in, so perhaps don’t put it in a room next to your bedroom. Candy also isn’t stocked everywhere, so you’ll need to visit an Argos or shop online through them. A great budget washing machine.

Washing Machines Review UK Summary: This machine is perfect for a household with a low laundry budget - a small amount of water and detergent used - but still needing something that packs a punch. Good spin speed and load capacity to clean clothes. Great overall cleaning performance on full load or constant full loads. Decent wash programme options. Could this be the right washing machine for you?

For more information or to purchase a Candy washing machine click here

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Summary - Tried and Tested Results

We hope you enjoyed reading our free and independent guide to the best washing machines on the market today to help you buy the best washing appliance for your needs. 

Our cleaning teams have looked at and reviewed a whole range of washer machine models including Candy washing machines, Hotpoint, Miele and more, to find you something suitable for your budget and home.

As you can imagine there are lots of washing machines to buy and much of it is a personal preference when you look to wash clothes at home. 

We regularly update and add in new and exciting washing machines, so do check back.

For of more independent reviews check out our guides to best hoovers, best tumble dryers, best washer dryers, best fridge freezers, best steam cleaners, best dishwashers, best air purifiers and best pressure washers today. 

Prices of models are accurate at the time of writing and are updated monthly but check with retailers websites for daily prices. 

Washing Machines History Overview and Washing Machine Guide

Washing machines aren’t often a product we pay much attention to but when you consider how heavily they’re used, how rapidly and often frantically they work and how much we all rely on them, it’s a wonder we don’t talk about them more! But to buy a washing machine is a tricky task. Long gone are the days of picking out a white plasticky block to sit in the corner of your kitchen or utility room and just use it as you needed until the day it died a watery, bubbly death. Now, washing machines (or wash machines as they are sometimes known) come in a whole host of colours (white, black, cream and red are very popular) to match the look of your other appliances and decoration, can work ‘smart’ to detect your laundry’s weight and only use the necessary water and electricity levels, and most have speedy settings to adapt to different time scales and different fabric types. These all contribute to their energy rating. 

Who knew washing machines could be so intelligent? Whilst washing machines aren’t overly difficult to install in most cases, it’s always less hassle to have someone professional take it on. In cases of removal and disposal, this can often be quite pricey and relies on you having relevant transportation and the ability to lift and move the machine; so consider carefully whether your time is worth more or less than the fee your retailer offers.

We hope our guide has been useful in helping you find something perfect. 

What To Look For In A Washer Machine - Top Tips

  • Aesthetics - never judge a book by its… oh, wait. OK. So your washer isn’t just something you’re going to read and then pass on, but rather something that will be in your kitchen or utility room for at least a few years! If you’re at all fussy about aesthetics or feel your tenants/future buyers of your home may be, then pick a machine in a colour or style that matches your room’s furniture and dynamics. Some washer machines come hidden behind doors, and such doors can often be purchased separately if you end up with something that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the room. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for your perfect machine, but don’t compromise if it’s going to annoy you – and check elsewhere to see if you can find a cupboard cover to fit it.

  • Specialist programmes - most washing machines nowadays have a range of pre-set wash programmes and quick wash options that are designed to give the optimum wash either on fabric type or time constraint. These vary in time, water temperature, rinses, and spin cycles to best take care of the laundry load within (these are known as a quick wash). Ensure the washing machine you’re buying fits what you wear often, and if you have a household that needs to take care of allergies or heavy staining, consider this too. Some brands of detergent and specialist organisations endorse some machines over others; although be aware, these endorsements and sponsorships are often paid for, so all may not be as it seems. Do your research first!

  • Quick washes - if you’re on a hectic schedule, or are prone to little accidents such as spillages and stains, you may find that sitting around and waiting for hours on end for a washing cycle to complete isn’t ideal for you (wash cycle is key), therefore a quick wash is probably key. Lots of washing machines now offer ‘quick washes’ that give a short, sharp wash for light to medium soiling. Daily wash cycles are typically around the 1-hour mark, but machines with quick wash can be optimised to offer programmes down to less than 10 minutes. Check your washing machine’s timed cycles for convenience.

  • Time delay functions - if you’re budget-conscious, it’s usually best to run your wash loads overnight: when energy tariffs are generally cheaper and you can just grab your clean clothes to hang in the morning. Some machines have the ability to delay your wash from starting by a few hours, so you can programme in a time and have it start when you’d like to. This isn’t standard but is becoming more commonplace, and is an easy way to save some cash on wash cycles. 

  • Saving Energy - the use of electricity, and often a lot of water, isn’t always conducive to environmentally-friendly living. In the past few years, energy-efficient washing machines manufacturers have made great progress in optimising energy efficiency and ratings now are better than ever. For the maximum efficiency and to ensure the best use of water, choose a machine that weighs your load before it works – so it only ever uses what it needs to and doesn’t create any waste, and has low water and detergent use. 

  • Wi-fi operated - some models are now wi-fi operated for those who are tech-savvy. 

  • Tumble dryer - some have a tumble dryer built in as well. 

If you are looking a new washing machine or more energy efficient model than the one you have, read on. We also look at budget washing machine price options and budget washing machines in general, and test washing machines when giving our feedback and writing reviews looking at appearance to energy consumption, wash quality, washer dryer options, liquid detergent models and energy efficiency. 

What is an Integrated Washing Machine?

Put simply it is simply a washing machine that is hidden out of sight behind a door rather than a freestanding washing machine.

This is very popular in modern kitchens where an overall neat finish is desired. Integrated washing machines are always popular. 

Many washer machines are integrated now or they can be easily finished in this way, with small screws fitted to attached to a unit door. 

Cheap Washing Machines Today - Budget Washing Machines Now

There are many great cheap washing machines on the market, in our best washer machines guide we have reviewed a few models which fall into this bracket (under the £300 mark and some even under £200). For more information read their sections, or click on the links for more information or to purchase today.

When buying a cheap model think about drum size and energy rating. Other things to consider with a cheaper model are spin speed, size of full load, wash times, what are the running costs (related to energy rating), the drum size, do you want a heavy-duty washer, a front-loading washing machine, a semi-automatic version or a freestanding washing machine? A quick wash setting? Do you have large loads and a large family? Just because a model is cheaper doesn't mean you can't look for top features. 

Sometimes it is often a better idea to search for the best mid-range washing machines (as the price difference can be small) which can have more advanced features such as improved spin speeds, fast wash and a superior spin wash, basically more energy-efficient wash cycles, especially important for a large family. These types of models and often very easy to use and use a smaller amount of water - the Samsung Echo Bubble famously so - and this model can do freestanding washing as well as being one of the best-integrated washing machines. It is, therefore, an ideal washing machine for many and the price point is good. 

Washing Machine Repairs - Are They Worth It or Should I Buy a New One?

To be honest, unless your washing machines are particularly expensive or high end and you only want to "buy the best washing", over the £500 mark, often repairs aren't worth the money. With so many great value for money options, it is often quicker and cheaper to get a new washing machine rather than to pay out for repairs.

A typical call-out from an independent washer repair person is around the £60 mark, on top of that, if it can be repaired, you need to look at labour and parts.

This means that a typical washer repair can cost around £200 - for that price you can in some cases buy a new one. 

Sizes of Washing Machine

The size of a standard washing machine is: 

  • 850mm heigh x 595 wide x 600 deep

Specifications of Washing Machines

The specifications of a standard washing machine is: 

  • 850x600x600mm 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions we get asked: 

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a washing machine, we think the main ones to consider are; spin speeds, wash modes, its energy rating, detergent drawer, stain removal, do you want a top-loading version, a front-loading one, a quick cycle (some now offer a 15-minute quick wash), drum size, wash performance, energy usage, silk wash, smart features, any special wash needs, if you want a freestanding washing machine, some also inject steam at the end of the cycle and obviously the daily running costs. There are lots to think about. 

Most models in our guide offer great washing although the best results were gained by the Samsung Ecobubble (although we think the Bosch Serie 6 is also excellent). Make sure you think about your individual needs and usage before purchase.

Should I buy direct from a merchant or from a shop such as John Lewis and Argos?

There is no difference between buying directly from a washing machine supplier or a department store.

One of the main benefits we have run found is that purchasing through someone like John Lewis means you may earn points on loyalty cards – always make sure you check.

Also when buying with John Lewis or a department store, you get to see the products in the flesh, many people like to see washing machine's look before buying. 

What is spin speed, everyone talks about the importance of spin speed but what is it?

Put simply spin speed is the speed that the drum can spin (this can also be affected by the drum size).

Following the links on our site, it will give more info on the spin speed of the individual washing machine types you are interested in. Often this also affects the noise level, with some super quiet models now on the market as well. 

What are the washing machine running costs and what is the best washing machine to buy in the sales?

Basically, how much it costs to run – these are often determined by a washing machine's amount of water, size of the full load and electricity needed to power it. Larger drum sizes typically have higher running costs.

There are also models now that do 15-minute quick wash loads, but these can be more expensive. 

What is a freestanding washing machine?

A freestanding washing machine is basically a machine that can stand alone and doesn't need to be fitted into a cabinet.

The Samsung Echobubbe can do both. A freestanding washing machine model is the most popular type. They typically take 8kg washing loads and has a good energy efficiency rating whilst being good on tough stains. It was the best Samsung washing machine 2021 UK in our guide for that year. 

In your opinion what makes the best washing machine (UK)?

Lots of factors as the guide outlines – but we think spin speed, a good energy rating, a drum size suitable to your family. A drum size too small may mean you have to do lots of loads, a drum size too big can impact the energy-efficient nature of the washing machine.

In summary – effective spin speed and an appropriate spin size. This can be achieved with integrated washing machines or stand-alone models. 

What is your favourite model?

Our favourite model of washer machine would have to be the Samsung Ecobubble as it is universal and suitable for most people with a good drum size and spin speed, 30-minute quick wash options with lots of good features. The Bosch Serie 6 is also worth looking at but the Samsung Ecobubble was our clear winner. Both are great on tough stains and could be the ideal washing machine for you, both are good washing machine options for all usage. 

There are lots of types including front-loading washing machine options and top-loading washing machine options too. What washing machines to buy depend on individual circumstances and needs.  

What is the best washing machine to buy (best make of washing machine)? And the best budget washing machine?

The best washing machine brand we think is Samsung and Miele, however, we always think you should make sure you know what you are looking for. Our full guide looks at lots of models and prices points. Not just ricier machines.

Are you after a smart washing machine, a freestanding washing machine, wash programme, a top-loading washing machine, any particular wash program settings, a preference on drum size, a quick wash capability or a certain spin speed?

Other factors when looking at an individual washing machine's benefits may be the need for a large capacity on full loads and something energy efficient – with a good energy rating - for those in larger households or medium-sized households - and conscious of running costs.

We tend to recommend a 9kg washing machine as a minimum - with a few fancy features to boot!

What brand of a washing machine is the most reliable? Are modern washing machines good?

Tough, we think the most reliable washing machines is Bosch Serie 6 - as is the Echobubble. Both the Serie 6 and Eco offer great smart washing and washing performance, good spin speed, great on stubborn stains and a large capacity. Really effective stain removal. 

Again, purchasing from somewhere like John Lewis is no bad idea so you are covered by their returns policy and great customer service – it also may earn points on rewards schemes.

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