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Welcome to our handy guide to the best pressure washer on the market today. 

As you know, pressure washing (or jet washing) is the use of high-pressure water-spraying equipment to clean outside surfaces and buildings. It is a job that most people carry out once or twice a year on their property, driveways and patios (as well as car cleaning) to keep them looking clean and fresh.

In our independent guide, we take you through the top units on the market today, looking at a range of models to suit different budgets and needs to help you choose the best pressure washer for you.

Best Pressure Washers 2024 UK - Results

Below are the overall winners - you can read more about them in our guide - or simply by following the links. 

The best pressure washers are: 

Best Overall Pressure Washers

Karcher K7 Premium Full Control - more info here

Bosch AQT - more info here

Karcher K5  - more info here

Best Cheap Pressure Washers

Karcher K2 Full Control - more info here

Nilfisk Titan 1400 - more info here

Best Overall Pressure Washer for Home Use

Bosch Universal Aquatak - more info here

Karcher K4 Full Control - more info here

Best Handheld Pressure Washer 

Worx Hydroshot - more info here

Best Car Pressure Washer

Nilfisk Compact 110 - more info here

At Professional Cleaners UK we test and review products awarding and selecting the very best based on a number of factors. We are independently owned and views expressed are our own. We are a national professional cleaning company that may receive a small commission from the companies we review. 

So sit back, as we review the top 10 pressure washers currently available in the UK today. 

1. Karcher K2 and K4 Full Control - £175

Karcher is a super-brand across jet-washers, vacuums, window cleaners and more, so it is no surprise to see them in our guide, especially as Karcher power washers are some of the most popular in the country. The first models that we look at from them are the Karcher K2 and Karcher K4.

A popular jack of all trades system for homeowners who are looking for a versatile unit to cover off their many requirements (such as patio and car cleaning), the Karcher K2 is a lightweight pressure washer with a full control system to allow for the selection of a suitable level of pressure for a variety of surfaces. The Karcher K2 is a portable pressure washer that is super easy to use around the home and garden. Aside from its standard programming this top Karcher jet washer also comes with a car kit (for car cleaning) and a patio cleaner. The flow rate for the Karcher K2 is up to 360-litres an hour at a maximum temperature of 40c.

The Karcher K4 Full Control Car and are perfect for suburban homes who need their pressure washer to be multi-use. The Karcher K4 has all the benefits as well as a few additional improvements which are listed here

Pressure washers review summary: it's easy to see why the Karcher 2 and 4 model are so popular. They are versatile and delivered consistent and great results. With a superb price tag, it offers superb value for money. Highly recommended and great results. The K4 was also awarded the joint best overall pressure washer. 

For more information on these brilliant Karcher pressure washers simply click here.  

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2. Bosch Universal Aquatak - £70

Another great brand in the jet-washing and home product world is the brilliant Bosch and the super Bosch Aquatak (Bosch aqt), which performed very strongly in our tests. It is easy to see why it is so popular. 

A good all-rounder, the Bosch Universal Aquatak looks like an industrial piece of kit but is expertly designed for home use – so you can look the part even if it’s your first-time pressure washing! A 1700W induction motor powers an impressive 380 litres per-hour water flow rate and a 450ml detergent nozzle work with high pressure too for rapid results and even soap application. The Bosch Universal Aquatak is ideal for those who need a jet washer for a variety of different tasks. Can be used with a garden hose. 

Review summary: this was a great performer and fantastic value for money - one of the top all-rounders in our tests. 

For more information or to purchase this brilliant Bosch pressure washer simply click here

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3. Karcher K5 Full Control Plus Pressure Washer, 2100W - £278

The Karcher K5 Full Control Plus is essentially an industrial pressure washer system for the home environment: delivering a range of features and functions to tackle cleaning in a variety of areas and on a variety of surfaces. More expensive than other models it's great if you are going to be using this powerful jet washer a lot. 

This brilliant Karcher jet washer works as a 3-in-1 multi-jet lance, working with vario-lance, a dirt-blaster and detergent application settings - what more could you ask for? A touch-control trigger gun is included, and the high-pressure hose measures 8m for easy coverage of large areas - perfect for gardens, patio areas and gardens. The Karcher K5 Full Control Plus Pressure Washer is perfect for homeowners of larger properties and tackles a full range of cleaning tasks.

Best pressure washer review summary: an outstanding model. The Karcher K5 premium was powerful, easy to store and achieved outstanding results. A price tag which was mid-range was very fair for this superb power-washer. Highly recommended and joint winner in our best overall pressure washer guide for light duty or heavy duty cleaning. A great powerful pressure washer. 

For more information or to buy this Karcher pressure washer click here

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4. Nilfisk Titan Pressure Washer, 1400W - £30

Designed for the house proud who need a pressure washer for outdoor areas that vary in the surface, the Nilfisk Titan 120 comes with a box full of lances and accessories – there truly is something for everyone in there! This was a brilliant cheap pressure washer and was highly recommended by our cleaning teams. 

Now, firstly it’s not the most powerful of systems available on the jet washing market, but with an 85-bar aluminium pump and a flow rate of 440-litres p/h, it’s no shrinking violet either! The Nilfisk Titan 120 can be used directly from a water butt tap, and it’s compact and light enough that it’s easy to walk around with - perfect for regular use. The new wash brush included is ideal for the cleaning of windows, greenhouses and conservatories, giving it a real advantage over many home pressure washers. Had a good hose reel and water pressure options. A good variety of spray patterns. 

Review summary: this was a surprisingly good model, especially for its cheap price tag! We felt that this was perfect for regular home use and the regular upkeep of outdoor areas (patios and gardens) as well as cleaning cars and windows. A little pocket rocket, good hose reel, handy and well-priced. Recommended by the teams here. 

For more information on this Nikfisk pressure washer or to buy click here. 

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5. Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer, 2800W - £210

The most advanced of the Karcher home pressure washers, the K7 Premium Full Control Plus system makes for the ideal addition to the cleaning cupboard of a large property that requires regular heavy-duty cleaning. The K7 takes on the K5’s 3-in-1 Multi Jet lance for differing levels and types of clean, and the touch-control trigger gun ensures ease of use for pressure setting and detergent application. This is the K5, but amped up: upping the water flow capacity to 550-litre per hour, the water-cooled induction motor to 2800W, the hose length to 10m, and the maximum water temperature to 60c. A really good flow rate and exceptional on garden furniture. Brilliant for patio cleaning with good power control, so less elbow grease and more ease. 

Pressure washer review summary: this was a super-powerful and brilliant power washer. Its results were faultless; there really is no better jet washer, however, it has a price tag to match. We felt that this would be perfect for large premises and industrial use; great for large gardens, driveways, swimming pool areas, stables. The k7 premium smart control was the best of the best in our pressure washing guide. 

For more information or to purchase this top Karcher pressure washer click here

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6. Nilfisk Compact 110 Home and Car Pressure Washer, 1400W - £30

The Nilfisk Compact 110 is the ideal pressure washer for moving around easily and storing without taking up a lot of room - making it a firm favourite amongst those with pressure cleaning requirements but not a large property.

This is the ideal pressure washer system for basic pressure cleaning jobs around the house and outside; and can even handle conservatories and windows on its lighter settings. The Nilfisk Compact 110 can be used directly from a water butt tap and with a 5m hose and 5m mains cable. The Nilfisk Compact 110 Home and Car Pressure Washer is ideal for those who need pressure cleaning but don’t have the room to store bulky equipment. A fab jet wash and effective pressure washer.

Summary: perfect for small homes or flats with small outside spaces or courtyards. We also thought this brilliant for cars, as it wasn't so powerful there would be no problems with accidental paint stripping although it did have a good water pressure! A lovely and consistent model favoured by many. 

For more information on this Nilfish power washer or to purchase today, click here

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7. Bosch AQT 45-14 X Pressure Washer, 2100W - £279.99

Another Bosch pressure washer in the guide and we thought this was best of all of them! 

With a water flow rate of 450 litres per hour and a 2100W motor delivering 140 bar of pressure, the Bosch AQT 45-14 X is a jet washer system not to be ignored. It is super-powerful and makes slight work of even the most stubborn of surface cleaning tasks and is a quick and efficient washer even for larger jobs. It’s suitable for walls, patios, driveways and vehicles – but may actually prove too powerful for greenhouses and fragile glass surfaces, so need to get the settings right. The Bosch AQT 45-14 X Pressure Washer is perfect for those who need pressure washer cleaning to be completed across a variety of surfaces outdoors.

Summary: a superb model and joint overall winner in our guide. It was powerful and a great price. Suitable for all jobs, easy to store and a wide range of accessories to tackle any job, with a long hose. Highly recommended. 

For more information on this top Bosch pressure washer or to buy click here

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8. Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer, 1400W - £80

This compact and lightweight pressure washer system from Spear & Jackson is a budget bargain – it’s everything you’d need for small pressure washing jobs around the home and garden, particularly if you’ve never used one before; a perfect little jet washer for someone who is looking to use something once a year or so. We thought this was more than good enough for most patios and driveways. Great some extra cleaning power!

For more information or to purchase this brilliant cheap pressure washer from Spear and Jackson, click here

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9. McGregor Pressure Washer, 1400W - £70

The McGregor Pressure Washer bats well above its weight when you consider the price tag: this pressure washer system can tackle medium-sized cleaning jobs and is versatile enough to make this a great buy for any homeowner. The McGregor Pressure Washer works well as a base unit if you’d like to extend the cleaning range to other jobs, too. This is a total snip at just £60 – it’s a fantastic ‘all-rounder’ and a medium-range machine for a seriously budget price tag! The McGregor Pressure Washer is ideal for someone looking for a pressure washer for periodic cleaning, as well as anyone who has access to a variety of hoses to use for different jobs. Great for cleaning cars. 

Pressure Washer Reviews 2022 UK Summary: this was a wonderful cheap pressure washer. Easy to use and perfect for almost - all basic jobs around the home and garden were dealt with easily. 

For more information on this or other McGregor pressure washers click here

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10. Worx Hydroshot Pressure Washer, battery-powered - £108

Unusual in that it’s battery-powered. rather than running from the mains, the Worx Hydroshot Pressure Washer looks great and performs well – but is incomparable to other models because it’s so much newer and more efficient! The 20V Li-ion lightweight battery pack powers a 120 litre per hour water flow, with a maximum pressure of 22 bar. 

Pressure washer reviews UK summary: an unusual entry this was a supermodel and new to the pressure washing world! Super-handy, it was a bit of "lads pressure washer" but the battery element was useful for use in remote areas or big gardens. Great on stubborn dirt. One of the best portable pressure washer options. 

For more information on this brilliant Worx pressure washer or to buy today click here

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Overview of Pressure Washers

A pressure washer, also known as a power washer, is a mechanical device that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, loose paint, mold, and other contaminants from surfaces. It is a versatile tool used in various industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Pressure washers are commonly used for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as buildings, driveways, decks, vehicles, and equipment.

History: The concept of using high-pressure water for cleaning dates back to the late 19th century. In 1865, a British engineer named Francis Watkins developed a steam-driven device that used high-pressure water jets for industrial cleaning purposes. This early device laid the foundation for the development of pressure washing technology.

In the early 20th century, steam-powered pressure washers gained popularity. They were primarily used for industrial cleaning in factories and mills. These early models were large and cumbersome, often requiring a team of operators to move and operate them effectively.

The advancement of technology in the mid-20th century led to the development of more portable and efficient pressure washers. In the 1950s, Alfred Kärcher, a German engineer, invented the first hot-water, high-pressure washer. Kärcher's invention revolutionized the cleaning industry by providing a more effective and efficient method for removing tough dirt and stains.

Over the years, pressure washer designs continued to improve. Electric motor-driven pressure washers became widely available in the 1960s, making them more accessible for residential use. These models were quieter, lighter, and easier to operate than their predecessors.

In the 1980s, the introduction of gasoline-powered pressure washers further expanded the versatility and power of these machines. Gas-powered models offered greater mobility and higher pressure ratings, making them suitable for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.

The 21st century saw the rise of more advanced pressure washers with improved features. Manufacturers introduced adjustable nozzles, detergent injectors, and more efficient pumps, allowing users to customize the pressure and water flow for different cleaning tasks. Additionally, advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques resulted in more durable and lightweight pressure washer designs.

In recent years, pressure washers have become more eco-friendly with the introduction of electric-powered models that produce lower emissions and consume less water. Additionally, pressure washers with integrated rechargeable batteries have gained popularity for their portability and versatility.

Today, pressure washers are widely used in various industries and by homeowners around the world. They have become an essential tool for efficient and effective cleaning, contributing to improved hygiene, maintenance, and aesthetics in both residential and commercial environments.

Best Pressure Washer 2023 Summary 

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to the best pressure washer on the market today. We have covered a variety of models to suit different usages and budgets. 

Please also check out our best washing machine guide, best tumble dryer 2021, best steam cleaners, best dishwashers, best washers dryers, best fridge freezers, best air purifiers and best vacuum cleaners 2021 guide. 

Thanks for reading our best jet and pressure washer guide!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Top Brands

Here are the most popular questions we get asked:

What are the most important things to look for in pressure washers?

There are lots of things to consider when buying a pressure washer namely, what are you using it for? As a patio cleaner or for car cleaning? As a home pressure washer? To clean garden furniture? Do you want one with a detergent bottle attached? Do you want a telescopic handle? An led display and a spray gun? Make sure you think about these before purchasing your pressure washer, which should help you make an informed choice. We would always recommend a decent hose length and a compact pressure washer for easy storage – models like the Karcher k4 full control are great (kärcher k4 full control)

I need a patio cleaner, do I need a high-pressure washer or something lighter?

Not necessarily but you need decent bar pressure, sometimes a budget pressure washer doesn't pack this punch. Also, a decent hose length if you have a large area to clean. 

Is the Kärcher k4 full control pressure the best of all pressure washers?

The Karcher k4 is certainly one of the most popular (along with the bosch aqt) it delivers great cleaning power and a high level of results time after time; it is a wonderful and powerful machine particularly when operating at its maximum pressure (max pressure setting). It is a great pressure washer and was the best power washer 2021 winner for that year. 

Are electric pressure washers any good?

Yes, they are and they are a growing form and popular home pressure washer. They are a good pressure washer for a whole range of cleaning options and often have rotary nozzle options and a decent power cord unlike other pressure washers. 

What are the most popular pressure washers, they are so many to choose from!

The Bosch aqt, K2 full control and K4 full - they both have good hose length, water flow rate, a strong max pressure, can be used for home light-duty cleaning or heavy-duty cleaning - both great high-pressure versions. These also were highly rated in our best jet washer 2021 guide, winning best domestic pressure washer. Petrol pressure washer options also still remain popular and some have foam sprayer options and a high pressure detergent nozzle. 

What is the best jet washer as a patio cleaner?

Most pressure washers are suitable to use as a patio cleaner (the bosch aqt and Karcher k2 or the k2 compact, are popular) but for this type of pressure washer we would recommend looking for the following elements – a detergent bottle attached, decent bar pressure (either 130 bar, 130 bar or 110 bar or even pressure 130), a telescopic handle, a decent max pressure, high level of performance, something you can use for other tasks such as car cleaning.  A premium full control plus model is also good whilst many prefer an electric pressure washer means you don’t have to worry about cords and is a compact pressure washer. 

What are the levels of bar pressure?

There are lots of different levels; pressure 110, 120 bar flow rate and pressure 130 bar flow rate is the most common (water flow rate level). These will stand heavy-duty use. We covered this in detail in our pressure washer reviews 2021 UK models. 

What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

As explored in the guide there is no set answer, it depends on usage (heavy-duty or garden furniture), required bar pressure and budget. Some people want a full control home pressure washer, some people know a max pressure they are after - such as 120 bar, a pressure 135 bar, or a higher pressure washer for harder jobs (with increased max pressure). Some also want electric pressure options for garden furniture to work as a good dirt blaster. Some new models also have on board storage, as well as nozzle options such as turbo nozzle, fan nozzle, car brush options and more. 

Which is the best washer for patios?

Probably one of the Karcher models (the Karcher K2), but make sure you check out the guide for in-depth information you will have to think about hose length, pressure type e.g. 110 bar or pressure 130, full control plus home, whether you are interested in electric pressure washers, need a detergent tank etc. other good ones are k7 premium full control and k4. You will probably want something high-powered and easy to move around. 

Is the kärcher k2 good removing stubborn mud, all the grime between paving cracks and cleaning brickwork?

Yes it is. It scored highly in all our tests - offering more power at a low price point than similar models. 

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