Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

We can carry out a range of different window cleaning options for your home, office or hotel. Please get in touch for more details and a FREE quote on our window cleaning services.

Window Cleans

Window Cleans

Our window cleaning teams work on a variety of properties on a daily basis, so whatever level of assistance and no matter how high the windows are - we can help! Contact us for more information today.

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Window Cleaners

Gone are the days of community window cleaners doing the rounds on housing estates, appearing at your windows with a ladder and bucket of soapy water; how we do miss those simple days! 

In a more modern world finding window cleaners for domestic and commercial properties can seem like an impossible task with health and safety regulations, top results and value for money a key factor for all concerned. But no fear Professional Cleaners UK can help with our superb teams!

Unlike other top cleaning companies, Professional Cleaners UK can supply specialist-trained and experienced window cleaners to get your glass sparkling clean again whether you are a small domestic property on a large sky-scrapper. After all, first impressions count – and the outside of your premises will be for many the first thing they see and experience of your business or our home.

For more information on our window cleaning service please get in touch today. 

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What is a Window Clean?

Put simply, it is the cleaning of windows so that they are clean, shiny, see-through and presentable at all times for homes and businesses. 

We carry out the cleaning of both internal and external windows and clean any type of glass; taking in various factors including height of the window, size of window space, cleaning products and the use of specialist equipment if needed. 

For more information and free quotes on any property contact us today. 

Who We Clean Windows For

Our top cleaners look after the professional cleaning for a whole variety of people and businesses, these include: 

  • Domestic window cleans - homes, flats and bungalows. These can be done on a regular basis or as a one-off, drop us a message or call us for more info. 
  • Businesses - we look after the cleaning of windows for small companies through to large corporate establishments. 
  • Sky-scrappers - these are tricky but our professionals can handle these specialist cleans. 
  • Shops and retail outlets - shop fronts and backroom cleans are essential, especially the fronts where products need to be displayed to their full potential. 
  • Churches - specialist cleans of stained glass can be carried, we can adapt our cleaning method to suit including use of a water-fed pole with pure water or purified water.
  • Gyms - cleaning of windows and mirrors, this is important not just for appearance reasons but also because germs can be spread from mirrors.  
  • Education establishments - schools, universities, colleges and sixth forms all require regular window cleaning, we do this as part of our standard schools cleaning but we also carry out more thorough cleans out of schools terms. 
  • NHS contracts - hospitals and care homes. Again this type of clean is important not just for appearances but for health and safety reasons. 

Please remember that no job is too big or too small, or window too high, so contact us today and let the professionals take care of all your needs.  

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

As you can imagine there is no set cost for window cleaning as it will depend on a few different factors, these are namely: 

  • Size of property and amount of windows
  • How many window cleaners you need
  • Any specific and bespoke requirements
  • Height of windows
  • If you need specialist products

For more information contact us today, we will talk through your requirements and send over a bespoke quote for you to consider. 

Specialist Window Cleaners

Far from some soapy water and a squeegee, we also have specialist window cleaners who instead use a combination of powerful products and chemicals to clear through grime, dirt and pollutants that accumulate all too easily on internal and external windows. This is especially common in busy town and cities where pollution levels are high. 

Water-fed poles and ladders or scaling equipment also allow our teams to get to windows high up safely, so you don’t need to worry about your ground floor looking great but the view being skewed elsewhere! If you think your building may require external abseiling cleaners, please get in touch and we shall arrange such facilities with our contacts. We can also use purified water. 

All equipment, tools and workwear will be supplied by the Professional Cleaners UK team and if you’re unable to supply water or electricity, let us know and we can arrange for portable facilities to be provided.

Our local cleaners will give you squeaky-clean glass - with no dirt or streaks - to brighten your views and rooms 365 days a year. Our window cleaners are happy to do one-off cleans through to on-going and regular work should this be required. 

Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can be carried out regularly or on an ad hoc basis should you have been victim to inclement weather or any other problem.

An initial clean will get your windows up to scratch but we do recommend that the service is continued to ensure things stay sparkly and clean year-round.

Whilst a necessary cosmetic service, window cleans can also help improve the safety of your building and spot early problems, unless you’re regularly inspecting external windows thoroughly, cleaning teams can advise you on any potential issues such as:

  • Chipping paint
  • Painted-on sashes
  • Clogged channels
  • Jammed windows
  • Wood rot

This allows you to have windows and fittings repaired rather than entirely replaced and in the case of fire or emergency evacuation, ensures your access routes are clear and functional.

Cleaning windows regularly reduces the amount of acid deposits (many of them naturally-occurring) on them, which extends your windows’ life-span; saving you cash and time.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

There is no set answer as each property is different and faces different challenges. As a general rule we normally advise the below: 

  • Domestic dwellings - such as flats, house, bungalows and cottages - twice monthly. We would recommend that this is done weekly if the property a highly polluted area). 
  • Retail outlets - shop fronts week (daily for major and busy retailers). 
  • Businesses - weekly. 
  • Sky-scrappers - twice yearly. 

For more information and FREE quotes on our full cleaning services drop us a message today via the enquiry form on this page. 

Exterior High Reach Window Cleaning

This is a special form of cleaning which require specialist training, equipment and products. If this form of window cleaning is of interest call us today and we can talk through the variety of options.  

Cleaning Jobs

If you are window cleaner looking for work please also contact us and we can hold your details on file should any suitable work or opportunities arise.

Read more about us and see if you would like to join the team. 

Karcher Window Cleaner

If you looking to do your own leaning we strongly recommend the amazing Karcher Window Cleaning tools. They offer great results are perfect to maintain clean windows in-between professional cleans - follow the link for more information here. Also, read here for a full range of the top models in our pressure washers guide

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do you do house window cleans as well as ones for big businesses?” Yes we offer a window cleaning service to homes as well as companies. We can also offer other services which maybe of interest such as gutter cleaning.
  2. We have stained glass windows, can you clean these and what kind of water do you use?” Yes, we can. Our window cleaning service teams are experienced with all different types of glass, we can use pure water or purified water if that is appropriate, we can also use ladders or a more simple water-fed pole as part of our wash system. If you have any specific requirements – just let us now.

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Anyone with a bucket of water and a scraper can call themselves a window cleaner, but don’t take the risk: opt instead for fully qualified and accredited window cleaners with years of experience and call the Professional Cleaners UK team to receive the best value, service and clean. 

For more information please contact us now using the enquiry form, we look forward to hearing from you and getting your windows looking amazing in no time at all. 

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