Airport and Aircraft Cleaners

Airport and Aircraft Cleaners

We offer airport and aircraft cleaning across the UK from major international terminals to small independent ones. For more information and a bespoke quote for your cleaning needs, drop us a message today.

Airport Cleaning

Airport Cleaning

If you need airport cleaning services looking no further than us. We have cleaning teams who can work 24 hours a day to keep your facilities in amazing condition at all times.

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Airport and Aircraft Cleaning 

It can be difficult to get a cleaning job done when the facilities you’re trying to clean never close. Therefore, airport cleaning and aircraft must use innovative techniques, equipment and experienced cleaners to sanitise their environments effectively, quickly and professionally. 

The sheer volume of footfall and activity within airports means that a high degree of cleaning is required to an exceptional standard time and time again, just in order to keep up with basic hygiene principles. With more and more people opting for air travel and airports growing and developing all the time if your airport doesn’t meet customer expectations, it can be costly from a customer service point of view. Professional Cleaners UK can supply airport cleaning teams day and night to meet your requirements. 

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What is Airport Cleaning and Aircraft Cleaning?

Put simply, it is the cleaning of airports and aircraft cleaning so that they are up to date with industry regulations and customer service expectations.  For both these types of cleans, specialist knowledge is required and we have the expertise to turn around spotless aircraft cleans and airport cleaning in tight timeframes, so you can be back in the air and carrying paying passengers as soon as possible.

Airport cleaning tasks typically include: 

  • The cleaning of the terminal and general areas
  • Cleaning of lounges
  • Toilet and washroom facilities cleans
  • Food courts and kitchen cleaning
  • Feminine hygiene and nappy disposal
  • General waste disposal
  • Air sterilisation of enclosed spaces

This could happen during quieter periods, or, if your facilities are open 24-7, while travellers are still present. The cleaning teams can also offer specialist cleaning products and chemicals that are not harmful to people.

In-craft and aircraft cleaning tasks carried out by our airport cleaners include:

  • Internal and external sanitisation aircraft cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet sanitisation (where required)
  • Cleaning of overhead lockers
  • Cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Safety equipment checks
  • Sanitisation of food preparation and staff areas
  • High-quality and high standard galley cleaning
  • Cleaning of cockpits
  • Cleaning of reusable stairs and tunnels
  • Cleaning vacuuming all areas
  • The sanitisation of baggage and hidden areas
  • We can also dust out air conditioning units and the other specialist in-plane systems, in line with your specifications.
  • Should you require replenishment of in-seat stock that your cabin crew don’t have the time or resources to manage, the Professional Cleaners UK teams can hold and allocate out that stock as required.

Working either alongside or before your cabin crew board your services, we shall sanitise your fleet to the highest possible standard and leave everything ready for pre-flight checks and boarding (including galley cleaning).

Airports and aircraft fleets are increasingly under scrutiny for their sustainability standards and initiatives. Offering only the most eco-friendly products and waste disposal options, our procedures and products can be written into your corporate social responsibility processes and paperwork and help strengthen your position. We can also adapt our high standard of cleaning techniques to fit your specific requirements should you specialist obligations.

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Costs of Airport and Aircraft Cleaning - Our Professional Cleaning Services

There are naturally no set costs for the cleaning of airports and aircraft cleaning, as they differ in sizes; from large commercial ones such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester to smaller independent ones. If you would like a bespoke quote for the cleaning of your airport or aircraft simply contact us today. We will then arrange a site visit and speak to you about any bespoke requirements that you may have. 

Airport Cleaning Jobs

We are not currently recruiting airport cleaners or members of our aircraft cleaning teams but if you would like to read more information on us or send over a CV read more about us. We will hold your CV on record in case anything suitable becomes available. Shift patterns vary so please bear that in mind, previous experience preferred and some night shifts. 

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For more information on our airport and aircraft cleaning services and hiring cleaners drop us a message today. 

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