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Welcome to our handy guide to help you find the best washer dryers on the market today. 

Long gone are the days of launderettes on every corner, and now the most convenient option for households to manage their clothing and fabric laundry is to have their own washing machine installed within the house. A washer dryer takes this one step further and combines the technology of a washing machine with that of a tumble dryer to thoroughly clean clothing before drying it out.

Washer dryers are now extremely commonplace and are the ideal appliance for those who get through lots of laundry but don’t have the space to install two separate units. Enjoy the best of both worlds – and at a considerably more reasonable cost than making two purchases.

So with the majority of the market now being combo washer dryers, how to tell what does what?

Read on for our top recommendations. There’s truly something for everyone!

Best Washer Dryers 2024 UK - Results

Check out the overall winners in our test, simply follow the links below, or read our thoughts further down the page. 

Best Overall Washer Dryer

Neff Washer Dryer - more info here

LG Turbo Tubowash - more info here

Best All-Round Washer Dryer 

Bosch Serie Washer Dryer - more info here

Best Washer Dryers For Families

LG AA DD Washer Dryer - more info here

Zanussi Washer Dryer - more info here

Best Mid-priced Washer Dryers

AEG Washer Dryer - more info here

Indesit XWDE Washer Dryer - more info here.

Best Cheap Washer Dryers

Hotpoint RDG Washer Dryer - more info here

Indesit Ecotime Washer Dryer - more info here

At Professional Cleaners UK we test and review products awarding and selecting the very best based on a number of factors. We are independently owned and the views expressed are our own. We are a national professional cleaning company that may receive a small commission from the companies we review; this helps us keep our product review pages free of subscriptions for you. Prices correct at the time of writing. 

We hope you enjoy the guide and find the washer-dryer you are looking for. 

1. NEFF Washer Dryer - V6540X1GB - £1029

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the NEFF V654, the Rolls-Royce of washer dryers! NEFF are a German electronics manufacturer and huge in Europe, but little recognised here in the UK. But trust us when we say, they know about quality!

The NEFF V654 uses an Aqua Stop system to calculate the exact amount of water required for each load and a whole host of customisable programmes work to handle everything from mud-drenched sports kits to delicates and silks. The display of the NEFF V654 is more like a computer or touch-screen tablet than a washer machine and shows you at a quick glance how much time is left in the circle, which programme is running and which options have been selected.

The NEFF V654 is favoured by families due to its child-lock feature and works well for people with heavy laundry load requirements and no wiggle room for anything going wrong.

SUMMARY: This was a superb model and offered outstanding results; energy-efficient, stylish and could deal with muddy loads through to delicates. Highly recommended and joint overall winner in the guide. 

For more information on this brilliant model or to purchase click here. 

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2. Indesit Ecotime Washer Dryer - £299.99

Italian electronics giant Indesit knows a thing or two about domestic duties, and the Ecotime is certainly a good contender for a household washer dryer.

The Ecotime can handle up to 6kg of clothes in a single wash and boasts an impressive 16 different programmes based on differing requirements, fabric types and speeds; including a 1-hour speedy cycle for shoes that can tackle even the messiest of mud splats!

The dryer function has three levels including the ability to retain enough moisture for safe ironing. A time delay feature allows for the cycle to be delayed by up to 9 hours for whenever you’re out and about and in need of laundry to not lie dormant for too long. At less than £300, the Ecotime is a fantastic buy for a household in need of lots of clean, dry clothes.

SUMMARY: Outstanding value for money the Ecotime is a great washer dryer, a superb spin speed and great washing capacity -all at an unbelievable price point. Joint winner of best cheap washer dryer. 

For more information or to purchase this great model click here

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3. LG Turbowash 360 AI DD V9 - £699.99

LG has pulled no punches with the Turbowash. If you need a machine that can handle heavy-duty laundry loads without compromising clothing quality, this is the washer dryer for you. 

It has a huge 10.5kg wash capacity and 7kg capacity for drying, with a spin speed of 1400 rpm and is ranked A for energy rating.

The Turbowash is WiFi enabled so can be linked with a smartphone or another device to initiate and manage wash and dry loads when on the go; so even if you leave the house without remembering to hit the button, you can start the laundry later. Several fabric programmes ensure the utmost in garment care even with tricky materials, and a steam function allows for you to dry thoroughly without the need to iron upon unloading. Perhaps most handy is the Turbowash’s ‘Add Item’ function – which can pause the cycle as required for you to throw in any extra items you’ve missed!

SUMMARY: An industry-leading model (freestanding washer dryer) from LG; stylish, a huge drying capacity and quality results time after time. This was our joint overall winner. Wash and dry in style. Highly recommended. 

For more information and to buy this model click here.

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4. Bosch Serie Washer Dryer - £849.99

The Bosch Serie 6 is a washer dryer best suited to busy families who get through multiple laundry loads a week.

With a 10kg capacity for washing and a 6kg capacity for drying, it’s more than capable of taking on large loads and its double function allows for quick processing. It has a delay timer feature, but even if you’re not able to grab your dry washing straight out of the drum, Bosch’s SensorDry technology will ensure that the machine stops working once the washing is dry – avoiding any excess or prolonged heat that could lead to shrinkage or ageing.

The Bosch Serie 6 has an energy efficiency rating of A (almost the highest!) so is both gentle on the planet and your purse strings. What’s more, it has an extra layer of insulation built in to help lower the volume of operation, so it can run at night when power costs are cheaper without causing unnecessary distraction or disruption to anyone’s beauty sleep.

SUMMARY - the Bosch Serie 6 stylish option offers superb results time after time, with a large drying capacity and great energy rating and spin speed, it offers value for money and is one of the most popular models around. 

For more information or to purchase this model to do your washing and drying click here.  

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5. LG AI DD Washer Dryer - £549.99

 The LG 685WSE is a very advanced model of washer dryer for its price tag, so if you’re looking to pack some value into your purchase, this could be the one for you!

An 8kg wash capacity and 5kg drying capacity is plenty for most laundry loads, and an energy rating of A it won’t cost you a fortune to run. The spin speed of 1400 rpm washes and dries fairly quickly (ideal for when time isn’t always on your hands).

This washer dryer is WiFi-enabled, so is programmable from a phone or smart device even when not in close range to the appliance itself, and is particularly popular with parents of young babies and children due to its anti-allergy steam and ‘baby steam’ programmes that ensure that clothes are soft and 99.9% allergen-free.

WASHER DRYER REVIEWS 2022 SUMMARY: A popular model across the UK with a good price tag, Wifi capability, large drying capacity and energy rating, this LG washer dryer has a baby steam programme for extra soft clothes. Popular with young families. A very energy efficient washer dryer. 

For more information and to purchase this model click here. 

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6. Indesit XWDE Washer Dryer 

Indesit truly packed in the features with the XWDE – it has an overly impressive repertoire given its low price point. 

The unique Push&Wash+Dry feature allows for a deep clean of heavily stained clothes without any pre-treatment, whilst still running on just a 30c wash; which we all know is considerably eco-friendly and energy-efficient than washes at higher temperatures.

On a fabric care note, its SensorDry avoids overheating or shrinkage by utilising advanced sensors to automatically stop the cycle when the items within are properly dry.

The Indesit XWDE is the model to opt for if you’re a smoker, pet owner or work in catering – as its Air Fresh feature can rid laundry of even the most invasive of smells in just thirty minutes. And speaking of speed, there’s a ‘lightly soiled’ option for a 45-min wash and dry that has a fast turnaround without compromising on cleanliness. A great integrated washer dryer model. 

SUMMARY: A superb model with a host of features, this model gets rid of stubborn smells, has a built-in SensorDry, great spin speed, good dry capacity and is eco-friendly - so you can wash and dry and help the planet as well. It came out high in all our tests.  

For more information and to purchase this model to do your washing and drying click here.  

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7. Hotpoint RDG Washer Dryer - £399.99

Washer dryers are often priced considerably higher than a standalone washing machine, but the Hotpoint RDG is a fantastic option for those on a lower budget who still want to enjoy the convenience of a combo with their machine.

A steam cycle, quiet inverter motor and anti-allergy programmes all complement each other along with the usual features you’d expect to form a great all-around appliance. It runs on energy rating A (hugely competitive given the price!) and has an 8kg wash capacity and 6kg drying capacity. A great budget washer dryer. 

SUMMARY - a superb cheaper model with a great washing capacity and dry capacity, good spin speed and energy rating. Highly recommended. 

For more information or to purchase those cheap washer dryer click here

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8. Zanussi Washer Dryer - £599 

A solid mid-range contender for a household washer dryer, the Zanussi Z816 has an extra-large drum for easy loading and unloading, and an 8kg washing and 5kg drying capacity.

This model boasts an A energy rating due to its inverter motor delivering high spin speeds with less energy than a more traditional washer, as well as a quieter function than most. The in—washer computer calculates the energy and water levels to use dependent on the weight of the load within to help negate any waste.

What’s more, the Zanussi Z816 (an integrated washer dryer) has a quick cycle programme that washes and dries within an hour, and Flextime capabilities for differing requirements.

WASHER DRYER REVIEWS 2022 UK SUMMARY - a solid performer, spin speed, offering good value for money and an extra-large capacity drum for busy and big households. A great option. 

For more information and to buy this model click here.  

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9. LG AI DD V6 Washer Dryer - £599.99

Another LG, the 685SSE is the greener, more eco-friendly sibling of the 685WSE.

Also, WiFi-enabled and with all of the features and capacities of the other LG machine, its app also allows for energy usage monitoring and the in-machine computer works continually to reduce energy, noise and vibrations as it works through each wash/dry cycle.

Parents of newborns particularly appreciate the quiet programmes in conjunction with the allergen-reducing ‘Baby Steam’ programme!

BEST WASHER DRYER SUMMARY: A green and eco-friendly washer dryer, this model performed well in all our tests. A stylish wash and dry model that is popular with young professionals and families and has a good spin speed, control panel and drying cycle.

For more information and to buy this model click here. 

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10. AEG Washer Dryer - £699.99

The AEG L7W usually retails for considerably more than just under £700 but is currently on offer. Its numerous features certainly justify its price tag!

It has a hefty 9kg washing capacity and its ProSense technology avoids any overheating, shrinkage or excess water usage by adjusting the levels, temperatures and times used bespoke to each load, as well as for different fabric types; including specific programmes for outdoor wear, delicates and water-repellent materials. A steam function also reduces the need for ironing once unloaded.

Furthermore, lovers of wool can enjoy the AEG and trust it with their precious items – accredited by Woolmark Blue, it has a programme dedicated to the end-to-end wash/dry care of woollens. You can wash and dry your clothes knowing that it will be done to great results time after time. A fab integrated washer dryer. One of the best smart washer dryer options. 

BEST WASHER DRYER SUMMARY: A brilliant wash and dry model with tonnes of features, this suited anybody, delivering results time after time as well as steam function for reduced morning and a wool mode. Highly recommended. 

For more information and to buy this model click here.

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History and Benefits of a Washer Dryer

The washer dryer, also known as a combination washer-dryer or a washer-dryer combo, is a household appliance that combines the functions of both a washing machine and a clothes dryer. It offers a convenient solution for individuals and families who have limited space or prefer the convenience of a single machine for their laundry needs.

The concept of combining a washing machine and a dryer into a single unit dates back to the mid-20th century. The earliest designs were primarily seen in laundromats and commercial settings. However, it wasn't until the late 20th century that washer dryers became popular for residential use. Technological advancements and improvements in design made these appliances more efficient and reliable.


  1. Space-saving: One of the significant advantages of a washer dryer is its space-saving design. By combining the functions of both a washing machine and a dryer into a single unit, it eliminates the need for a separate dryer, saving valuable space in apartments, small homes, or laundry closets.

  2. Convenience: Washer dryers offer unparalleled convenience by allowing users to wash and dry their clothes in a single cycle without the hassle of transferring wet clothes between different appliances. This convenience is especially beneficial for busy individuals or families with limited time.

  3. Energy and cost-efficient: While traditional washer and dryer setups require separate connections and consume more energy, a washer dryer is designed to be more energy-efficient. It often uses less water and electricity compared to running two separate appliances, leading to potential cost savings on utility bills.

  4. Time-saving: With a washer dryer, you can save time by completing both the washing and drying processes in a single cycle. This is particularly useful when you need clean clothes in a hurry or during inclement weather when outdoor drying is not possible.

  5. Versatility: Washer dryers offer versatile options for laundry care. Most models come with various settings and cycles to accommodate different fabric types and laundry needs. They often include features such as adjustable temperature controls, different wash programs, and drying modes to ensure proper care for a wide range of garments.

  6. Mobility: Washer dryers are often portable and lightweight compared to separate washing machines and dryers. This portability makes them suitable for situations where frequent relocation is necessary, such as rental homes or RVs.

Despite their numerous benefits, it's worth noting that washer dryers may have certain limitations compared to standalone machines. For example, the drying capacity of a washer dryer is usually smaller than that of a dedicated dryer. Additionally, if a washer dryer develops a fault, both the washing and drying functions may be affected simultaneously. However, advancements in technology continue to improve the efficiency and performance of washer dryers, making them an increasingly popular choice for many households.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Washer Dryers

These are the most popular questions we get asked about wash and dry machines are: 

Are Washer Dryers Any Good? Why Do I Need One?

Almost everyone has a washing machine in their house but tumble dryers are much less common. However, in a country not renowned for its warm windy weather, it’s not always the easiest to dry clothes and fabrics inside. A tumble dryer negates the need for a warm climate and to hang everything up outside, but a washer dryer combines both into one machine to save on space. If you do a lot of laundries but don’t have the room or want an additional appliance to dry it all, a washer dryer is for you. Whilst some people enjoy a separate washing machine or tumble dryer for space reasons, many like to combine as they are both energy efficient with big washing capacity. Most washer dryers also offer good value for money when compared to standard washing machines wth a variety of wash and dry cycle options. 

Which Is The Best Washer Dryer For Me?

What is the right choice of washer dryer for one person won’t be for another, so it’s really key that you make an informed purchase decision based on your wants and needs. Ask yourself the following before choosing which model of washer dryer to buy:

  • Budget - what’s your budget for your washer-dryer combination machine? Budget washer dryer options are nowadays often very good. 

  • Load size - how much laundry do you need to do? Mixed fabrics, cotton, wool?

  • Loading capacity and drum capacity - what capacity drum do you need to wash and dry your clothes (drying capacities and washing capacities can sometimes differ)

  • Fabrics you want to wash & dry - do you need fabric-specific programmes?

  • Wash cycle and wash cycles timings - do you need something short or is time not an issue? If you need to save time look at shorter wash cycle and dry cycle times (20-minute quick wash) and drying can start from as little as 15 minutes (dry programme) and a long run can be over an hour. 60-minute wash & dry function? Higher spin speed options. 

  • Panel and pause options - are you forgetful and likely to need to add in items after hitting start, or to need to switch the wash on once you’ve already left the house?

  • Space - what space do you have for a washer dryer and does the model you like have dimensions that fit?

  • Model of your washer & dryer combo - do you want a freestanding washer dryer or integrated washer dryer? Do you prefer a condenser drying option?

  • Spin speed - do you want a particular spin speed or drying cycle? Do you need a quick wash capacity or something easy to use? Sensor drying?

  • Aesthetic - do you have a kitchen/room colour scheme that your washer dryer needs to fit?

  • Cost and energy saving - do you need to save money on your energy bills even when doing lots of loads? Look to save on utility bills with an efficient machine with a low energy rating system score. A range of wash and dry cycle options are advisable. 

An informed purchase decision that’s well thought through will ensure you buy the right washer dryer for you and your home. Washing and drying with one machine has never been easier and cheaper than it is now. There are loads of retailers who sell washer dryers as well, everywhere from the brilliant John Lewis to local shops. All of those in our guide can be currently purchased from Currys, all at great competitive prices. 

Do You Need To Vent A Washer Dryer?

Whilst you can usually spot a house with a tumble dryer because of the large plastic hose hanging out of a window, the same isn’t often the case for washer dryers. Most don’t require any venting, and nothing being sold as new now should. Instead, excess moisture from drying cycles is drained away through the same mechanism as the washing water is. They are growing in popularity with the ability to wash and dry clothes quickly and cheaply. 

What is Spin Speed?

Spin speed is simply how fast the internal barrel can spin for a wash and dry, a good spin is important as it will reduce washing cycle time (also known as wash cycle or wash cycles) which can help reduce bills. The same concept also applies to the dry cycle and dry capacity.

What are the types of Washer Dryer and what is the difference between them?

There are lots of options when looking to wash and dry your clothes, more than ever before. Our guide has looked at lots of models but the most popular are freestanding washer dryer options. Washing capacity and drying capacity is also bigger than before so these models are preferred (rather than having separate washing machines and dryers - they are space-saving). All our recommended models have quick and effective drying cycles, some dry cycles also introduce steam to keep clothes safe from snagging, easy to use control panel options, good spin speeds and are a variety of washing cycle capacities including - capacity 7kg wash, capacity 8kg, capacity 10kg wash (full load), as well as low running costs, delay start options, condenser drying, variety of dry cycle and drying cycle options, all are energy efficient and more. 

Is a wash capacity and dry capacity different?

Yes more often than not a wash capacity and dry capacity are different, so you have to factor this when planning to do your wash and dry. These differences will be clear when you look more in-depth or the merchant pages - they will say things such as capacity 10kg wash 6kg dry, capacity 8kg wash and capacity 7kg dry, 8kg wash 5kg dry, 6kg wash 4kg dry, 8kg wash 5kg dry, wash 7kg dry 4kg, 8kg wash 6kg dry, 6kg wash 4kg dry - these are you would imagine, the weight of what can be washed and the weight of what can be dried in one go.

Can You Install A Washer Dryer Yourself?

It may look a little daunting, but a washer dryer can be installed yourself if you have the know-how. It’s easier if you’re replacing one unit with another (as you know all the necessary plumbing is already in place!), but it can be done even if not. A quick Google will help you uncover a myriad of tutorials for such installation, and most manufacturers offer online guides on their websites as well as paper ones in with their products. If you do choose to install your washer dryer yourself, then make sure you’re confident to do so and have all available information in order to do so safely.

What is the best washer dryer combo?

It boils down to personal preference, our guide has looked at different models offering a variety of different options to suit most needs and requirements. Particularly recommended models include the Bosch Serie 6, Zanussi and Eco Bubble - all have quick wash cycle options as well. 

What brand of a washer dryer is most reliable?

Most models are reliable these days, we would always recommend buying from top merchants such as Currys and John Lewis so that you are protected. In our guide we have high-lighted reliable models, again the Boshc Serie 6 (bosch wdu28560gb) scored high on this. John Lewis (jlwd1614) is also very popular. All very reliable machine options. 

What is the best washer dryer 2022?

Washing and drying are now done easily in one machine. We loved the NEFF model, Indesit, Bosch Serie 6 and Zanussi. Read more in our full guide and also check out the brand pages which goes into more detail on spin speed and weights (such as 10kg wash 6kg dry). There are lots of exciting smart washer dryer options as well. 

Is washing machine with dryer good?

Yes! In years past they used to not be too reliable and options were limited. Now with great spin speed, price points to suit most budgets and the fact they can also look good and stylish means they are the preferred choice for washing and drying for many. 

How does a washer dryer work?

As you would imagine, a washer dryer works as a standard washing machine and then on completion changes to do a drying cycle - basically, it washes and drys your clothes all in one go! Hence the name washer dryer!

What is a washer dryer?

It is what it says on the tin, a washer dryer is a machine that can look after both the washing and drying of your clothes in one go. Many can perform a 60-minute wash and dry.

Are washer dryers good?

Yes, we certainly that a washer dryer is good. Make sure you read our full guide - including our previous washer dryer reviews 2021 - to find one which suits you, there are many affordable washer dryer options.  

Summary - Best Washer and Drying Machine Guide 2024

A washer dryer is a brilliantly convenient appliance and they are becomingly increasingly popular as families realise their potential. The best purchase decision is an informed one, so read up, learn more and take your pick!

We have looked at spin speed, budgets, washing capacity, drying capacity, washing and drying performance in general and more, so when buying a washer dryer you can find something suitable for all your needs.

We hope you can now choose the best washer dryer for your purposes having checked our washer dryers best buys!

If you have enjoyed this guide then check out our guides to the best dishwashers, best fridge freezers, best washing machine, best vacuum cleaners, best steam cleaner, best pressure washers, best air purifiers, best tumbler dryers and more. Rights reserved.

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