Top Vacuum Cleaners

Top Vacuum Cleaners

Check out our guide to the best vacuum cleaners on the market today. Our teams rate leading brands on performance, value for money and appearance. Take advantage of top prices today from our comprehensive guide.

Which Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?

Which Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?

Find out today by reading our top guide as put together by our professional cleaning teams. We look at a variety of models to suit all budgets and needs.

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Our professional teams have been busy and have put a full range of vacuum and hoovers through their paces; from bagless, to cordless and more, check out the results and get yourself a new vacuum today at a top price!

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Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2019

Welcome to our handy guide to the best vacuum cleaners on the market today. 

In this top vacuum cleaner guide we run through a variety of different models to suit both personal and professional use. Our cleanings teams have tested a variety of different types of vacuum cleaners including cordless models, lightweight versions, the best upright vacuums and more, rating each on a variety of performance factors so you can make an informed decision before buying. 

We are a national professional cleaning site that receive commission from the companies we review. We test and review products and independently award marks only to the very best - we are an independently owned and views expressed are our own.  

Our guide looks at a range of prices and options from leading brands including Miele, DysonShark and Karcher, so there is something for everyone. 

So whether you are looking for something functional and cost-effective for your home or something more hardy for business use, check out our current Professional Cleaners UK guide to the Best Vaccum Cleaners of 2019 where we explore in detail everything from traditional models to the latest whizzy robot vacuum cleaners, stick versions and even the famous Henry The Hoover! 

So here we go... we'll try and answer that million dollar question of "which vacuum cleaner is the best?"

1. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £249.99

In the world of hoovers and vacuums Dyson needs no introduction. They are universally ackowledged as world leaders and for creating the best vacuums for a full variety of surfaces. However, with so many to choose from where do you start? Well we have started with one of their most popular and cost effective models - the brilliant Dyson 7

The Dyson V7 Motorhead cord-free vacuum is engineered to clean on all floor types and although this popular model has been upgraded by newer models including the Dyson V8, Dyson Animal and Dyson V10 (explored further on) this cheaper model remains a firm with many and still gets the job done time after time (and at a great price too).

This sleek and stylish top Dyson hoover literally exels on any surface (carpet, tiled and wood) and is perfect for everyday use around the home. However, deeper cleans are also no problem with the direct-drive cleaner head removing ground-in dirt from carpets, this allowing it to achieve results not typically expected from a light handheld model. The powerful suction generated by the Dyson digital motor combined with up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction means that most of the hoovering can be done in one swift cleaning session (which we love!)

It also comes with a docking station which charges the machine - so it's ready to use at all times.

SUMMARY: A brilliant vacuum cleaner offering consistent results, this is a fantastic choice for families and small households who need quick but top class results. The price is also a great selling point when compared to other leading Dyson models. Highly recommended. 






For more information or to buy this leading Dyson model at a top price now click here.

2. MIELE Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Black - £149


Miele is a name everyone knows and a brand people trust in, it is synonymous with quality across all it's products from vacuums to washing machines. It is no surprise therefore to see them enter our best vacuum guide with this high performance traditional model which offers great value for money and is brilliant for home and small communal area use. 

In our tests our teams at Professional Cleaners UK found it to be a great vacuum, with it's best, stand-out features including:

  • Powerful cleaning performance across the entire home - it was great on all surfaces with the ability to clean dirt and dust off both carpeted and hard floors. The floorhead delivered a strong suction, achieving impressive results even on the lowest power setting - time after time! Basically a wonderful and versatile model. 
  • The AirClean filter discharges pure air from the vacuum - with 890W of power the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power effortlessly removes even the most stubborn dirt but thanks to its AirClean filter, it won't recirculate dust back into the air. Bonus!
  • It has a large operating radius (basically a long cord over 12 metres long!) - which saves time switching between power points and means you can get more hoovering done quickly. This is especially good in busy households where time to clean may be limited.  
  • It is easy to use with ergonomic design and clear controls - thanks to its ergonomic design and 360° rotating hose this great vacuum cleaner feels comfortable to use whether you're left or right-handed. The controls are simple and can be found at the bottom of the unit with images to illustrate the cleaning options. No need for pesky instruction manuals (which everyone loses anyway).
  • Additional accessories made cleaning upholstery and skirting boards simpler - we found that those tricky corners and fabrics were not so tough to clean with the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power. With a crevice nozzle and dusting brush, it was easy to remove dust and cobwebs commonly found around the corners and skirting boards. The upholstery tool also made light work of cleaning sofas, fabrics and even curtains, while every accessory can be comfortably stored in the vacuum cleaner, so you won't go losing bits and pieces.

SUMMARY: A lovely and traditional model which delivered very good cleaning results at a good price. We found this was great for home use and was popular for mid-sized office cleaning on a variety of surafces. Recommended for those looking for a high performance but well-priced traditional model.  



EASE OF USE: 10/10



For more information or to purchase this brilliant Miele vacuum model click here.

3. VAX Blade TBT3V1B2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Titanium - £149.99

The Vax Blade is another favourite with the teams here. Achieving great results time after time it is often seen as a more affordable version of the Dyson brand and is a brilliant lightweight, powerful and attractively priced handheld option. People often ask "what is better a Blade or a Dyson?" - it's a tough question - but here's a few facts about this powerful performance cordless vaccum to let you decide for yourself.

We love the Vax model here at Professional Cleaners UK and our teams found that the top features of the Blade were the below: 

  • Direct Helix Technology delivered powerful cordless performance - the Vax Blade TBT3V1B2 offers the convenience of a cordless vacuum (which means no unravelling of annoying cords or bending down for plug sockets). However, importantly unlike other models it manages to maintain the power and performance of a more standard corded and upright vacuum cleaner (which typically have stronger suction). This is due to Vax's innovative Direct Helix Technology which creates a direct air path from the floor to the cyclone – making the Blade super-powerful and efficient. It is a leader in the cordless vacuum world. 
  • Clean your entire home without needing to recharge the battery - a super power battery gives you up to 35 minutes of cleaning with a consistently high level of suction so you can clean your home from top to bottom on a single charge - no messing!. This time scale is longer than that offer by the Dyson 7! It's a pet hate of our of cleaners when cordless models run out of battery or lose power and suction quickly. 
  • Smarter cleaning with clear controls - ergonomically designed for ease of use, the slim and lightweight Blade offers enhanced versatility and balance for effortless cleaning at all times. It also means you can unpack and use straight away without having to read through any manuals. 

So the question in the battle of Blade vs Dyson... which is the best? Welll in our tests we found that the cleaning result differences were minimual - they are both brilliant - if anything (on heavier stains and more ground in dirt) the Dyson performed slightly better. That said, The Blade vacuum has a longer battery life and continually comes in over £100 cheaper. 

SUMMARY: A powerful and performance based handheld model with strong suction. Key selling points include a longer battery life than most cordless models and a brilliant price point. Highly recommended. 



EASE OF USE: 10/10 



For more informatiobn or to purchase a Blade hoover today click here.

4. Karcher CV 30/1 Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner- £289.95


Another super-brand is Karcher. Whilst not creating the prettiest of vacuums in the world they are all about results - and by goodness they deliver time after time! It's therefore no surprise to see Kärcher’s CV 30/1 upright vacuum cleaner in our best vacuum guide.

This super model uses a high performance motor to drive both the suction fan and brush which makes this machine both easy to carry and manoeuvre whilst operating. We belive that it's perfect for professional cleaners, particularly for use in office environments and areas of high footfall. This Karcher hoover unit combines high suction power with the ability to clean right down to the base of the carpets via a height adjustable brush. It also comes equipped with a detachable suction tube for vacuuming upholstery and those hard to reach areas such as stairs and corners. We found it ideal for cleaning medium to large areas quickly and efficiently and is used by many of our carpet cleaning teams here at Professional Cleaners UK on a daily basis. 

The main features include:

  • Excellent professional cleaning results time after time - the corrugated suction hose is also very easy to remove, this enabling blockages to be cleared quickly and effortlessly for speedy cleaning. 
  • Patented centrifugal coupling - for a longer service life (again great for professional and hard-use), centrifugal coupling protects the entire brush head against overload therefore avoiding high service costs. 

SUMMARY: Fantastic cleaning results for those who are looking for a vacuum which can deal with tough stains and take a lot of work. It's hardy and easy to use nature makes it a recommended model for professional cleaners.






To buy today or for more information on this highly recommended Karcher vacuum cleaner visit here.

5. NUMATIC Henry HVR160 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Red - £99.99


No list of the best vacuum cleaners would be complete without Henry The Hoover! And don't forget his sister Hetty The Hoover!

It's no lie to say that Henry has been putting a smile on peoples faces for years now. Dare we say he makes hoovering and vacuuming fun for the family? Well not far off!

Let's be clear though, this isn't a gimmick hoover, he knows how to do the job too. As a light weight vacuum cleaner (for his size) he is used by families and tradesmen for all kinds of jobs. He is in fact the most popular personal hoover in the office at Professional Cleaners UK which we think is praise indeed! Henry The Hoovers top features include:

  • Large capacity - he can keep cleaning for longer than most models with a large six litre capacity, this basically means you have to empty him less. Let's face nobody really likes emptying a hoover so that is a good start!
  • Energy efficient performance - with no gimmicks, Henry and Hetty are straight forward vacuum cleaners and get straight to the job, helping you save money on your bills. Yes s/he basically keeps your electricity bills down and save you the pennies to spend on more exciting things. Plus with an energy rating of A you can vacuum for as long as you need to in the confidence that the HVR160 is economic and efficient, without compromising any capability or suction power.
  • Professional accessory kit - he comes with a variety of tools for every job so they can get into any corners or tricky places. 
  • Cheap price point - it's one of the most affordable on the market!
  • 10m power cable - you won't be constantly changing plug sockets as you vacuum, taking the hassle out of cleaning and allowing you to finish up sooner. 

So that's the Henry HVR160 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - ideal for smaller households as he can be stored in small storage spaces - we are glad to have him and Hetty in our best vacuum cleaners of 2019 guide. 

SUMMARY: Families love him. Tradesmen love him. We love him! Henry is a highly recommend model, delivering value for money and top cleaning results. Highly recommended for all. 



EASE OF USE: 10/10 

APPEARANCE: 10/10 (how could we not!)


For more information or to buy your Henry or Hetty The Hoover follow the link here

6. Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner NV601UK - £149.99

Another market leader in the hoovering and vacuuming world is Shark! They produce high-quality but well priced hoovers in a variety of models. The first of theirs we look at here is The Shark Lift-Away - which can only be described as no ordinary vacuum cleaner!

The reason we love this top Shark hoover is it's ease of use and versatility and like a real-life shark this model seeks out it's prey (dirt) and effectively removes it! Watch out Jaws! 

One of the beauties of the Shark Liftaway is that it can instantly convert from an upright to a portable vacuum cleaner - so it's like getting two hoovers for the price of one. Plus Lift-Away Hoover Technology allows you to comfortably clean stairs and hard to reach places - good for household and also those that don't want something too heavy. We found that the main benefits of this great Shark vacuum cleaner were the below: 

  • Powerful - good suction means that this cordless vacuum cleaner delivered a strong performance across all our tests, particularly for one of it's size and weight.  
  • Lightweight - one of the leading light-weight performers in our best vacuum cleaner guide, we found it perfect for those who are looking for an easy to use vacuum cleaner for daily and weekly use.  
  • Versatile - powerful suction, lightweight and able to reach into tricky places, means it was one of the most solid and versatile perfomers in this guide. 
  • Great results - consistently great results on both carpet and hard floors. 

For those looking for a leading lightweight vacuum at a great price, look no further than the Shark Liftaway model. 

SUMMARY: A truly consistent performer in our tests we struggled to find any faults. It dealt excellently with any task we presented it. For those looking for a consistent, long-lasting and hardwearing lightweight vacuum you would struggle to find anything better than this fantastic model.



EASE OF USE: 8/10 



This Shark vacuum was a solid and great performer in our Best Vacuum Cleaner Guide for 2109, for more information or to buy at this great price click here.

7. Dyson 360 Eye Robot vacuum - £799.99

No surprise to see another Dyson enter our charts and the burning question is - "is this the best Dyson hoover ever made?" Well this, their latest model - the 360 Dyson - is their current top of the range model and surely the ulitmate of all vacuum cleaners? Although with a price tag to match, let's have a look at this superb robot vacuum cleaner and see what our leading cleaning teams thought. 

Well to be honest, we loved it. It was amazing! But what makes this model so special? We'll try to explain why this is the best of all Dysons hoovers... so, the Dyson 360 Eye robot has eight cyclones (yes 8!), all of which have been fine-tuned to increase airflow and generate "powerful centrifugal forces" - that's strong suction to you and I! And my goodness in our tests we found it powerful, especially for something seemingly so small and good looking. The old saying "good things come in small packages" is true! 

Second point, well it's a robot, so it does the hoovering for you. For once our cleaners could sit back and put their feet up! You can even control and programme this Dyson hoover from your smart phone, yes, you literally can sit there as this brilliant robot vacuum does all the work for you. What is there not to love? 

Thirdly, it looks amazing!

From a technical point of view though it has Radial Root Cyclone technology and this amazing super vacuum can capture particles down to 0.5 microns; which is smaller than the width of a human hair. The Robot 360eye also features Dyson's powerful V2 digital motor, which delivers superior cleaning performance.

It provides up to twice the suction of any robot vacuum cleaner for hassle-free cleaning without compromise.

The only downside is the price tag, which to many is unaffordable but as saying goes "you get what you pay for" and those who have purchased this model claim they would never go back and it was the best purchase of their lives!

In summary the main benefits we found of this amazing Dyson robot vacuum were the below: 

  • Superior cleaning - the Dyson 360 Eye has twice the suction of any robot vacuum! The best of all time and a leading performer in our best vacuum cleaners guide. 
  • Superior vision - you (or the robot) need never misses a spot with a 360 degree vision system - it hits all corners of the room. You can it back and relax knowing it's all going to be done to a very high standard. 
  • Clean anywhere and anytime - with powerful suction for any floor type the Dyson Eye Roboy works wonders on carpet, hardfloors and tiles.  
  • Schedule cleaning time - from your smartphone with the Dyson Link App - groundbreaking!
  • The only robot with a full-width brush bar-  for better dirt removal and again superior cleaning results. 

SUMMARY: This really was an unbelievable vacuum cleaner. From something so small and with a hefty price tag we wanted to find fault but we couldn't. Superior cleaning AND as a robot vacuum it did the work for you! This leading Dyson model scored full marks in all tests and was the Professional Cleaners UK top choice and the leader in our Best Vacuum Cleaner Guide of 2019. 


VALUE FOR MONEY: 10/10 (if you have the money it's great value!)

EASE OF USE: 10/10 (it does it for you)

APPEARANCE: 10/10 (looks amazing)

CLEANING RESULTS: 10/10 (unbelievable)

For more information or to see this extra special Dyson hoover and see it in action click here.

8. Russell Hobbs Turbo Lite 3-in-1 Corded Bagless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner - £44.99


Russell Hobbs is another leading electrical supplier and the super-efficient Russell Hobbs Turbo Lite offers all the benefits of a handheld vacuum but with the option of adding a floor head and telescopic tube - all at a very cheap price. So whether you’re cleaning your carpets, laminate floors, stairs or car, you can rely on this lightweight 3-in-1 vacuum to get the job done.  

This Russell Hobbs hoover is quick and convenient and works brilliantly on hard floors, carpets and upholstery. Whilst the 2-in-1 crevice and brush attachment comes in extra handy; with these add-ons you can get up all the dust and dirt from tricky cracks and crannies - such as areas down the sides of your sofa or the edges of stairs! You can also use the brush tool for cleaning curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

This 3-in-1 handheld vacuum is great when used as an upright stick vacuum too. The Russell Hobbs Turbo Lite is easy to manoeuvre with a low profile design floor head, which can dip down to clean under furniture without any fuss. Not only is it easy to move around but it’s also hassle-free to empty: simply hit the quick release button and empty it over a bin. A quick clean of the filters helps to maintain optimum suction power and performance too. We thought this was a great bagless vacuum cleaner. 

SUMMARY: Everyday use when you don't have particularly difficult or heavy jobs. We thought it would be suitable for students, small flats and light domestic use where keeping "on top of cleaning" was the aim rather than anything too tough. Also an unbelievable cheap price!


VALUE FOR MONEY: 10/10 (the cheapest in our chart and one of the main reason for it's appearance in our best vacuum cleaners guide).

EASE OF USE: 8/10 



This is a great vacuum and very reasonably priced vacuum, if this is for you click here to buy or for more information.

9. Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology [Single Battery] IF200UK - £199.99


Join the cordless revolution with this super Shark Cordless vacuum! This top cordless vacuum cleaner came out as one of the leaders in our tests for handheld versions. Is this vaccum for you? Read on and find out now...

In our cleaning tests we discovered that this top Shark hoover - featuring Shark’s exclusive DuoClean and Flexology Technologies - was basically brilliant. We found that this lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner had outstanding results time after time - whatever was throw at it! Shark has designed it to make every-day cleaning easier, faster and more convenient than ever before. We believe that they have certainly achieved this with this stunning and powerful performer. Users can benefit from exceptional cleaning performance and experience the freedom to glide from carpets to hard floors without having to change brush heads. Our professional cleaning teams thought this was a great vacuum cleaner for busy people who wanted to keep on top of thier homes which had a combination of floor surfaces. 

SUMMARY: A great cordless vacuum and a leader in our tests. We thought it was great for busy professionals - easy to use, powerful and can be used on a variety of surfaces without having to mess around and change accessories. Highly recommended and a top choice in our best vacuum cleaners guide. 



EASE OF USE: 9/10 



The Shark DuoClean is a brilliant hoover with powerful suction, easy to use and great results it is one of the best performing cordless vacuums on the market.

10. Hoover Whirlwind WR71WR01 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £54.99


Hoover is such a famous brand in the vacuuming world that they actually are a verb (to hoover!) It's only right therefore that one of their vacuums is in our best vacuum cleaner guide - so here it is the Hoover Whirlwind!

Yes, prepare to breeze through your cleaning chores with the Hoover Whirlwind, a great priced lightweight vacuum with an A rating for energy efficiency - to be honest it may look old fashioned and traditional but that doesn't mean it doesn't get the job done and isn't right for modern living. It was a thoroughly good and solid performer in the tests we carried out. This top hoover vacuum combines a long 2.5m stretch hose for easy reach and also comes with extra on-board attachments and accessories for cleaning in hard-to-reach places – which is great for vacuuming (or hoovering) stairs and furniture. What’s more the large 2.5 litre bin holds plenty of dust for uninterrupted cleaning and can be emptied easily.

The price is the real selling point here - it is one of the cheapest upright vacuums around - and that is one of the reasons it has entered our guide to the best vacuum cleaners 2019.

In our cleaning test the top features and benefits we found were: 

  • ‘A’ energy rating –it’s been awarded the highest rating for energy efficiency delvering a impressive cleaning power but not running up high energy bills.
  • One-touch emptying – you can easily empty the dust container with just one-click for fuss-free, hygienic emptying.
  • Includes a host of accessories –it comes complete with a 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush for cleaning in hard-to-reach places.
  • Cheap - a great price, the cheapest in our guide!

SUMMARY: We found that this suited people who favoured traditional upright vacuums at a cheap price. 

PERFECT FOR: People who favoured old-school vacuums! Those who had storage space and a more limited budget. 


EASE OF USE: 7/10 



Whilst this vacuum wasn't one of the prettiest or most powerful on the market it's price was a total knockout - to purchase or for more info read here

11. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - £449.99

Another top Dyson vacuum enters the guide - this time the Dyson v10! Basically an upgraded version of the V7 we have already reviewed. Although they are all similar this bigger and more powerful version deserves a review of it's own! We found it to be the perfect Dyson vacuum for daily use and the JOINT BEST OF ALL THE CORDLESS CLEANERS in our guide.

With full-size suction power and a 40% bigger bin (compaed to other models) the Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum is bigger and better than previous versions, it can effectively clean anywhere and lasts longer. The Dyson 10 is fitted with a powerful motor inside the main brush bar which drives it's nylon bristles into carpet, removing deep-down dirt which can be trapped for a period of time. The Dyson digital motor V10 generates the suction power of a full-size vacuum in a hand held model; it is the most powerful of all the versions we reviewed. 

Ths upgraded version can lasts upto 60 minutes (again longer than previous models), with cord-free versatility to boot. Additional soft roller cleaner head captures large debris and fine dust simultaneously. The Dyson V10 is therefore gentle on hard floors and tough on dirt. The headline benefits of the Dyson Cyclone are:

  • A bigger and better version of previous models
  • Powerful suction - the best for a cordless vacuums in all our tests
  • Suitable for carpets, hard floors, stairs and upholstery
  • Lightweight - 2.68kg
  • Charge time of 3.5 hours and vacuuming capability of f60 mins
  • HEPA filter - traps small particles and pet dander, making it excellent for allergy sufferers
  • Pet tool included
  • Includes crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, turbo brush and combination floor nozzle

SUMMARY: This was an outstanding and powerful cordless vacuum cleaner - we couldn't fault it. It was suitable for everyone but we felt that the powerful suction and long vacuuming time would make it great for large households where lots of speedy but high-performance cleaning was needed. 



EASE OF USE: 10/10



It's easy to see why this cordless and bagless Dyson is so popular - it's because it's brilliant. We love both the V7 and V10, if this version is you for read more or buy here

12. Karcher BV 5/1 Professional Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner - £401.95

Another top professional vacuum cleaner from Karcher. It may look like something from Ghost Busters but it certainly busts all the dust and dirt away!

The BV 5/1 backpack vacuum is designed for quick and effective vacuuming of hard to reach, fast turnaround areas. It is used on particular jobs such as public transport cleaning, aeroplanes cleans, cinemas, theatres and stairwells. It is a vacuum that our teams use on a daily basis - they also last a long time and are very hardy!

Choosing a BV 5/1 vacuum can dramatically increase productivity, meaning these jobs can be done quickly, this is important in these cleanliness critical areas where turnaround times are also often short. This tough machine features a 5 litre capacity and a single, powerful vacuum motor. Weighing only 5.3kg and with a strap system designed with German rucksack manufacturer Deuter, the BV 5/1 can be used comfortably for long periods by cleaning staff.

Features & Benefits:

  • It comes with a patented carrying backback frame which has an Air Stream Comfort system and padding, meaning that it can be worn comfortably. 
  • It has ventilation pads which helpfully reduce heat development on the back, along with this it has mesh with ventilation on three sides, which reduces sweating and perspiration by 25%
  • Great ease of mobility - the BV 5/1 backpack vacuum allows unrestricted and easy use in areas where conventional vacuum cleaners can be tricky to use.

SUMMARY: This is a brilliant vacuum and our top choice for professional cleaning. Powerful, light and easy to use.  



EASE OF USE: 8/10 

APPEARANCE: 6/10 (how could we not!)


If this top performing professional hoover is for you and your company, buy today or read more here

13. Hoover SM156DPN JOVIS+ Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Wall Mountable - £59.99


A super-dinky small handheld vacuum from Hoover makes an entrance in our best vacuum cleaner guide. Not for full household cleans but we found this was great for cleaning sofas, cars, spillages, pets and more. So if you are looking for something handy and compact this Hoover cordless is defintely worth a look!

Our Professional Cleaning teams found that this was a very convenient handheld model and very effective for light vacuuming. So if this is what you are are after, look no further than the stylish SM156DPN. This cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner was also perfect for little cleaning tasks and reaching into awkward places quickly and effectively. 

We all know that cleaning the inside of your car can be tricky but the SM156DPN made it a breeze. It was also good for small offices; getting under desks and tight spaces as well as cleaning kitchens and small bathroom spaces. The cordless and lightweight design made it easy to manoeuvre - weighing only 1.61 kg - and it was also popular with more elderly people who wanted to do light cleaning on a regular basis for less than 10 minutes a day. The main benefits were: 

  • Pet cleaning - in the UK we love our animals but removing cat and dog hair from our furniture and sofas can be difficult. The SM156DPN has good suction and importantly a Pet Turbo Head which makes it much easier to pick up any hair on your sofas!
  • Handy Tools - with a collection of handy accessories and tools to help you keep your home spotless, it's an adaptable little model. Another great selling point. 
  • Easy to use and decent battery life - you get 11 minutes of full powered usuage time from the SM156DPN plus it has a built in indicator which makes it easy to spot when you need to recharge, this is important so that you don't run out of battery mid-task!
  • Decent size stoarge and wastage bin - the bin has a capacity of 0.5 litres and is easy and hygienic to empty which we love. This is quite a good size for a small hand-held vaccum. The release is controlled by a simple trigger, so you don’t come into contact with any of the dust and dirt.

SUMMARY: A lovely handheld and bagless vacuum, it was dinky and had a limited battery life but it performed well when fully charged and ready for action. 



EASE OF USE: 10/10 

APPEARANCE: 8/10 (how could we not!)


Small and perfectly formed it's not the most powerful version on the market but as with most Hoover models it offers great value for money. For more information or to purchase today click here

14. DYSON V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Iron - £199.99


Our final vacuum in the guide is a super powerful handheld bagless version - you guessed it - from Dyson! Our teams loved this version which was brilliant - like a little super powered cleaning rocket! It was the best of the handheld hoovers in our best vacuum cleaner guide combing great results with a stylish and sleek appearance. 

In our professional tests we found that the the top features were as below

  • Hygienic bin ejection - we think that is so important with a handheld option to be able to empty them easily. This version basiaclly allows you get rid of dust and debris without having to touch it. Yes quite simply when your vacuum fills up you don't want to come into contact with the dirt and with a simple push of a button it can unload dirt and dust quickly and easily. 
  • 30 minutes running time - the Dyson V7 Trigger runs for 30 minutes. Yes you heard right! This gives you plenty of time to clean every room and also makes it ideal to clean the crumbs out of your car, down the back or your sofa, pet hair or accidents. This is a much longer run time than most heldheld and bagless vacuums. 
  • Tool and accessories - handy tools also aid accurate cleaning around skirting boards and tough to reach areas in your home where others can't get to!
  • Mini motorised tool removes ground in and deep dirt- for tougher dirt you can switch to MAX mode for 6 minutes of extra power or a powerful mode for longer everyday cleaning, this option is something not expected of a handheld model!
  • Looks amazing - as with all Dysons it looks stunning!

SUMMARY: Powerful suction, looks great and with 30 minutes of cleaning, this was the best handheld vacuum in our guide. Highly recommended. 



EASE OF USE: 10/10



The Dyson V7 Trigger was the best of all the smaller handheld models we reviewed. For more information or to purchase this great vacuum click here.

Results of The Best Vacuums of 2019 from Professional Cleaners UK

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner  - Shark Lift-Away Upright - £149.99
Joint Best Cordless/Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Shark DuoClean Cordless - £199.99 and the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordless -  £449.99
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Dyson 360 Eye Robot - £799.99
Best Cylinder/Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Henry Cylinder - Red - £99.99
Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - DYSON V7 Trigger - £199.99
Best Professional Vaccum Cleaner - Karcher Professional BackPack - £401.95


We hoped you have enjoyed reading our comprehesive guide to the best vacuum cleaners of 2019. 

We have taken you through all the top models which exist on the market at the moment and looked at traditional upright, cordless vacuums and small hand-held versions from leading suppliers. If you would like more information on any of the models or to buy them simply follow the links. Alterantively if you have any vacuums that you think we should consider and add to this guide drop us a message and let us know!

All the information and prices printed here are accurate at the time of writing these reviews but are subject to change.  

Best Vacuums - Our Tests

In our in-house tests we carried out looked at various factors when deciding on the best vacuums of 2019, these included:

  1. The cleaning results - suction on a variety of surfaces and with varying degrees of dirt/dust.
  2. Which vacuum was the best value for money - not necessarily the cheapest but the ones which performed well compared to similarly priced models.
  3. Ease of use - this included looking at lightweight vacuum cleaners but also how the controls worked and simplicity.
  4. Appearance - which vacuum looked the best! Especially important if they are likely to be on display in your home. 

Which Vacuum Cleaner is The Best For Me?

Obviously which vacuum cleaner is going to be personally the best for you will differ depending on your needs and the type of usage required. The most suitable type of vacuum or hoover for you will be determined by the below variables and you should take these into consideration before buying your vacuum and selecting from our best vacuums of 2019 guide:  

  • Budget - obviously how much you are wanting to spend will have an affect and huge bearing on which model you choose to purchase. A vacuum is typically quite an expensive investment for anyone so it's always good to have an idea of what you want spend so you don't go over your budget. Like with anything it can be tempting to spend more but setting a realistic is always a good idea. 
  • Pets - if you have pets (particularly cats and dogs) you will need a vacuum for everyday use, and one that is easy to use - as it's likely you will be using it a lot! We all know hairs and muddy paws can get everywhere so you will need a vacuum cleaner able to deal with this. The most effective and best vacuum cleaner for pets we found at Professional Cleaners UK were those which offered a strong suction but also (very importantly) didn't get easily clogged up by fur or mud. There is nothing more annoying! We also found that bagless vacuums are great for this type of job as they can often hold more hair and therefore need less emptying, which can be tricky and messy. In our top vacuum cleaning tests we found that upright vacuum cleaners performed bests in these tests, with strong suction and the fact that almost all of these come with a range of speical add-ons a for cleaning animal hair, meaning the results were outstanding and consistent.
  • Personal space - do you have a house or a small apartment? If you have a smaller home, a small and powerful vacuum is probably good for you. 
  • Tricky spaces - do you have stairs or tricky places? When purchasing think about how you might realistically use it. Even our professional teams find that stairs can be tricky places to vacuum or hoover. We find that stick vacuum cleaners and lightweight vacuums often do a brilliant job on stairs as they are light and easy to use whilst old fashioned uprights (or barrel vacuums as they are sometimes known) also perform strongly as they have detachable parts and add-ons which can get into tricky corners, nooks and crannies easily and effectively.
  • Storage - is storage space a problem or do you have room? Those living in smaller flats often don't want a big vacuum - it is worth thinking about where you will keep it before buying.
  • Model preference - do you prefer lightweight vs heavyweight vaccums? Do you like a vacuum with or without a bag? Would you like one that is corded or cordless? Do you prefer a stick or an upright? There is lots to consider! Whilst some people also have a prefernce for brands such as Dyson, Hoover etc. 
  • Children - children can be messy... try to think about how you may use your vacuum on a daily basis if you have children. 
  • Types of floors to clean - think about your bespoke needs... do you have carpets, tiles, hardwood floors or a mixture? Most people do – in which case you want to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is able to work across a variety of surafces easily. In our tests we found that the best vacuum for hardwood floors are those with bristles as this will stop scratching. Depths of carpet can also influence which type of vacuum is best.  

Which Vacuum Cleaner is The Best For Me?

Upright vacuums

These are a great choice for many and the perfect all purpose vacuuming on all surfaces - they are what many would consider to be a traditional vaccum cleaner! Uprights can vary wildly in both model, version and prices (as shown in our best vacuum cleaners guide above) and one of the main benefits of upright vacuums we belive is that they come with multiple attachments and bespoke accessories, meaning that they can perform on all surfaces and areas. An uprright vacuum is also known as a barrel vacuum cleaner, which is one which sits on the floor ground with a hose. We believe that upright cleaners are excellent when used to clean large areas such as living spaces, lounges, living room, large hallways, receptions and offices. 

Lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaners and car vaccum cleaners

These types of vacuums are relatively new. Initially these types of cleaners were known for being handy but not often great on performances with low suction, short battery lives and not great value for money. Over the last few years however they have developed to become more reliable, powerful and popular as outlines in our best vaccum cleaners guide where we look at two models in great detail. 

Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums! Once considered a thing of the futue they are now, very defintely here... yes you can sit back and automate your cleaning. They are defintely a new addition to the world of hoovering but we think they are going to get better and better. The Dyson roboy vacuum we analysed in our best vacuum cleaners guide above was actually the best performer.  

History of the Vacuum Cleaner and Fun Facts

  1.  A vacuum cleaner is sometimes known as a sweeper or hoover. It is known as hoover particularly in Ireland - after the leaidng vacuum brand Hoover!
  2. Frst models date from the 1860s!
  3. The first version is credited to Daniel Hess from West Union in Iowa. This was followed by a version called the Whilwind invented by Ives W McGaffey in Chicago in 1868. 
  4. A famous British engineer called Hubery Cecil Booth came up with the word vacuum cleaner!
  5. The first domestic one was built by Walter Griffiths in Birmingham in 1905.
  6. For many years there seen as luxury items!
  7. They have developed over the years and the first roboy version was invented by Electrolux in 1997. 
  8. The main types are upright, canister, drum, pneumtic, backpack, hand-held, robotic, cyclonic, central, constellation, vehicle and robot. 
  9. A vacuum is caused by a diiference in air pressures - for more information visit wiki here - types of suction and collection techniques include bag, bagless,cyclonic seperation, water filtration and ultar fine air filters!
  10. Their success is measured by airflow, air speed and suction.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the best vacuum cleaners of 2019!