Communal Cleaners in Adpar

Communal Cleaners in Adpar

If you are looking for communal cleaning our experts offer the very best services at prices that are affordable to you. To find out more and for FREE quotes, please get in touch.

Communal Area Cleaning in Adpar

Communal Area Cleaning in Adpar

If you are looking for communal area cleaning including offices, shared houses, schools and more, our team offer a range of packages to suit you and your bespoke needs.

Professional Cleaning of Communal Areas in Adpar

Professional Cleaning of Communal Areas in Adpar

We carry out the professional cleaning of communal areas ranging from reception, to hallways and bathrooms. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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Communal Cleaning in Adpar

At Professional Cleaners UK we specialise in the cleaning of communal areas in blocks of flats, offices, educational establishments, hospitals, businesses and more.

We work with companies of various sizes on varying budgets, so if you are looking for communal cleaning in Adpar you have come to the right place!

Our top communal cleaners work with numerous managing agents, housing associations and privately managed buildings all over the country on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; delivering high-quality and reliable services time after time.

Professional Cleaners UK carry out communal cleans on buildings of different shapes and sizes and we have cleaning teams to suit any job; so if you are looking for a cleaning company in Adpar to carry out regular or one-off cleans on small properties or more regular cleaning on larger facilities such as flats, schools, offices and hospitals, we can help. 

Please contact us today, via the form on this page, for a FREE quote on our communal area cleaning services. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

What is a Communal Area Clean?

Put simply, communal area cleaning in Adpar is the cleaning of shared spaces used by various people, typically in offices, flats and shared accommodation. 

It goes without saying that people don't want to either see, or use, a dirty facility; whether that is just walking through a hallway, using a shared kitchen, a reception area, a company toilet or something different.

However, you equally don't want to spend your time tidying up the mess of others, if it's not your responsibility and it's not a lot of fun, whilst drawing up a personal or work-related cleaning rota (or managing independent cleaners yourself) can be difficult and time-consuming.

This type of cleaning is thus tricky to manage and execute which is why many out-source this work to independent cleaning companies such as Professional Cleaners UK - so let us take the responsibility and stress out of your hands!

Handing this work to a top cleaning teams means you can enjoy a sparkling and clean communal facility year-round without the hassle of looking after it yourself and the complications that can bring with it. Communal cleaning is also much more affordable than many think. 

If you would like a FREE quote and more information on our communal cleaning services in Adpar drop us a message today. 

Types of Communal Cleans Available

Our most popular types of communal cleaning jobs are listed below, but for more information simply contact us and we will send more information or give you a call to discuss further: 

Communal Cleans of Shared Hallways and Lobbies

This type of communal cleaning is one of the most popular we deal with.

We typically carry these cleans out for businesses, individual residents, schools, offices, halls of residence, gyms and hospitals. 

The cleaning of most shared hallways and lobbies are paid for by a managed "service fee" - particularly in the cases of flats and apartments and a proportion of this fee tends to go towards the cleaning of the communal areas; with Professional Cleaners UK, you won’t find a better value service to keep everyone happy in both price and quality of work. 

If you are a landlord or a building management company get in contact today to find out about all the services we offer and how we can help you.

External Cleans - including patios, driveways and outside areas

Our teams can also look after outside areas if this is of interest to you including patios and driveways; which we clean and sanitise to industry leading standards, with the toughest of stains and marks removed using specialist industrial equipment and products.

Our top communal cleaning teams in Adpar also work through all seasons and weathers to keep things looking spick and span, tidy and pleasant for you and others either using or passing through your communal area. 

Office and Work Space Cleans

Our communal area cleaners in Adpar deal with two main types of office and work space cleans every day, high-lighted below: 

  • Cleaning of office spaces - this is something we deal with 24 hours a day - from small businesses through to multi-nationals and corporations. 
  • Cleaning of co-working spaces and shared offices - sharing the price of a cleaner across a few companies is a great wat to keep prices down and morale up, particularly for small companies and sole traders. Having a lot of people in one place, all working to different deadlines, varying priorities and working hours, can mean keeping on top of the cleaning can be tricky if doing this yourself. As most of these spaces have shared bathrooms, showers and kitchens, cleanliness can quickly become a problem if not managed on a daily basis and by professionals. This type of clean is the fastest growing sector that we deal with at Professional Cleaners UK. 

Whichever of the above you are, our communal cleaners can thoroughly clean offices and working spaces of any shape or size, either during or after working hours.

Our standard cleans in these areas would include the following basic duties - however bespoke requests will be catered for:

  1. Floors - swept, hoovered and/or mopped
  2. Kitchen facilities disinfected and sanitised
  3. Desks and facilities dusted
  4. Bins taken out and everything tidied up
  5. Communal bathroom, toilets and showers cleaned
  6. Hallways cleaned
  7. Reception cleaned and hoovered

We believe that a clean and tidy working environment is a happy working environment, and the less time your workers must spend cleaning up, the more they can spend getting things done for you!

For more specific information on office cleaning read here.

House Share Cleans

Whether or not you know well the people you share with, cleaning rotas somehow never seem to work and annoy most people! We have all been there and done that. 

There’s always something somewhere it shouldn’t be, no matter how many times you move it and some things seem to never get cleaned properly.

The easy solution to housemate bickering and the constant responsibility for tidying falling to one person? Simple, we say, call in the professionals!

Our cleaning teams can clean as many or as few rooms in the home as you like, and you can specify which services you’d like and which you wouldn’t, this means we can effectively work to most budgets. 

Having someone looking after your house cleaning can maintain both a happy house and also great levels of cleanliness - with minimal effort from those living there.

For more information on specific domestic cleans and our great rates read here.

Communal Cleaners in Adpar - Why Us?

Keeping communal areas clean is very important for both health and safety reasons but also presentational purposes (especially if you are a business); no business wants to look unclean and no-one wants to live in a messy or unsafe place of residence. 

With friendly and efficient staff, combined with years of professional experience, our brilliant cleaners at Professional Cleaners UK provide a complete communal cleaning service at top prices. We take great pride and enjoy our work; we think that makes us stand out from other top cleaning companies. 

Our management and cleaning teams also work closely with our clients to make sure that requirements and briefs are carried out to a high standard and that our cleans are mindful of residents and workers, therefore providing a service that is considerate, convenient and professional at all times. 

For information and FREE quotes on our communal cleaning services please contact us today via the enquiry form on this page. 

Communal Area Cleaning Prices in Adpar

The costs of communal clean services depend on various factors - namely: 

  • The type of property you want cleaning - obviously the larger the facility the more expensive the clean is likely to be. When we speak with you we can advise on this. 
  • How regular you want the cleans - how regular you would like our cleaners to attend - whether daily, weekly or monthly - will affect the cleaning cost. Some businesses require 24-hour cleaning. 
  • How many cleaners you require - some cleans just require one cleaner whilst larger jobs can require a full team. This can depend on your budget and the turnaround time of the job. 
  • If you need any specialist extra services - such as window cleaningcarpet cleaning etc. 

For more specific information on costs of communal cleaning please drop us a message with information and we will supply FREE quotes for you to consider. 

Other Services To Accompany Communal Area Cleans

We provide many additional services at Professional Cleaners UK which can be included in the regular communal cleans we carry out.

These can include small additionals to more significant ones, such as:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Window Cleaning (internal & external)
  • Sweeping and cleaning car ports
  • Disinfecting general & recycling bin areas
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaners
  • Sofa Cleaning Service
  • Carpet Clean

If any of these are of interest please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and talking through the options suitable for you.

Our Communal Cleaners & Deep Cleans in Adpar

Whilst we have many teams of cleaners in your area we like to provide a personal relationship for our clients meaning we strive for the same cleaners to attend on a regular basis; who know your communal areas well and who you can build trust with.

This regular allotted cleaner means that irregularities can be spotted as they will know the history of the building, plus any existing faults or special requirements that may need bespoke attention.

As well as our standard daily, weekly or fortnightly cleans we do also offer one off deep cleans for communal parts of those buildings that may have been neglected or need more regular and targeted cleaning - such as busy hallways, toilets and reception areas - for more information read here -

Professional Cleaning Products Used

Professional Cleaners UK work to a very high standard and we also use leading cleaning products - using correct chemicals and products, whether it be on stainless steel lifts (Vitopan), brass plates (Brasso). We also use top of the range vacuums and cleaners, check out our vacuum cleaners review page here. 

We pride ourselves on the perfect finishing touches so residents and businesses can feel proud of the place they call home or where they work.

If you have preferred products that you would like us to use for any of you cleans please let us know and we cater for this. 

Response Cleaning and Management

Most of the companies that we carry out communal cleans for are on a long-term contract, we find this allows us to deal with the cleaning with great attention to detail as we begin to really understand the nooks and crannies of the areas.

As well as standard cleaning our trained staff are also quick to find any potential faults or concerns including: 

If these are spotted by you or by professional cleaning team members in Adpar they are reported immediately - with photographic evidence and information then emailed across to relevant parties - to ensure a speedy fix. 

This vital communication is essential to meet Health and Safety regulation guidelines at all times, as well as peace of mind. 

Communal Cleaning Services and Communal Living Cleaning Near Me - Summary

At Professional Cleaners UK we strongly believe that communal area cleaning is important so that health and safety standards are adhered to at all times in a business environment but also that comfort and cleanliness is maintained for residents and workers.

Often this type of cleaning has to occur "around people" - who are at work or at home - so our cleaning teams who carry out this work to suit timings which work best for you.

During the cleans our teams are always professional, polite, well-presented and happy to help.

With our communal cleaning we always aim for minimal distribution but with maximum and fantastic results. 

Communal Area Cleaning in Adpar - Contact Us

If you are looking for brilliant and professional communal cleaning in Adpar please contact us today and one of our friendly team will call to chat through your enquiry. 

As mentioned, we look after the communal cleaning for a full variety of clients and can work with various budgets and accommodate bespoke requests. So, whatever you are looking for drop us a message and will give you both more information and FREE quotes. 

We look forward to hearing from you and looking after all your communal area cleaning needs!

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