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Schools, colleges, and universities see heavy footfall with activities taking place all the time, so it’s no surprise that these establishments need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.

Our teams carry out these types of assignments all over the country, working to various budgets and timings, to suit individual timetables. This type of clean is not just about looking good but maintaining a healthy environment. Sparkling floors, bright walls, and squeaky-clean facilities will inspire students and staff to work hard and is proven to nourish development and improve results. 

We offer daily school cleaning services, keeping everything spick and span throughout the term time. We clean both in and out of hours for minimal disruption, and also offer on-call services should any major incidents happen which requires an immediate response. 

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Why is The Cleaning of Schools so Important?

Cleaning for schools, colleges or a university is vital to keep allergens, pollutants, irritants, dirt, dust and mould at bay. This is more important in today’s day and age than ever before. Being vigilant and only allowing the highest in hygiene standards is vital to safeguard the well-being of staff, students and visitors.

High levels of cleanliness are importantly able to stop the spread of coughs, colds and other contagious conditions likely to thrive and spread quickly in bustling and busy environments. With attendance paramount to academic success, the importance of effective cleaning services is obvious.

The Main Benefits of Regular School Cleaning Services in County Durham:

  1. A safer learning environment.

  2. Fewer sick days.

  3. A sense of pride from students.

  4. More motivated and productive teaching.

  5. Improved parental engagement and peace of mind.

  6. Equipment, facilities last longer as they are kept free of mould, dust etc.

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Types of School Cleans in County Durham

We offer a full range of educational and school cleaning services for a range of establishments including: 

  • Nursery Schools

  • Pre-school Schools

  • Primary Schools

  • Secondary Schools

  • Sixth Forms

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Theatre Schools

School Cleaning Services in County Durham

Our reliable school cleaning services team in County Durham will keep on top of all your requirements, providing you with peace of mind and an environment you can proud of for your students, parents, governors and teachers. When we get your initial enquiry we will give you a call to run through your needs and various options, before a site visit to meet you and look at the school or college in person. Following this initial meeting, we will draw up a bespoke cleaning schedule. 

Our Basic School Cleaning Service Duties

  • Vacuuming. 

  • Mopping hard floors.

  • Dusting all surfaces - such as windowsills, bannisters, railings and desks.

  • Door furniture cleans - glass windows polished, handles wiped down & brass plates cleaned. 

  • Bathrooms and toilet facilities all to be disinfected. 

  • Kitchens to be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Cleaning of Reception areas, office cleaning, staff rooms, classroom/lecture rooms, any dep cleaning and libraries.

School Cleaner in County Durham - Additional Options

  • Our biohazard division will look after any accidents involving vomit and other bodily fluids.

  • Carpet cleaning.

  • Window cleaning.

  • Car park service cleaning. 

  • Computer equipment, telephone & monitor cleaning.

  • Signage cleans.

  • Blind & curtain cleans.

  • Accommodation & dormitory.

  • Restaurant & cafe cleans.

  • Power-washing communal grounds

  • Stripping and repolishing hard floors

You will be given an area manager to ensure the highest standard of cleaning is always carried out. 

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School Deep Cleaning in County Durham

Further to the daily cleaning as outlined above, we also offer a ‘school deep cleaning’ service during non-term times. Deep cleaning is beneficial to allow our cleaning service staff to target areas they’re unable to do so on a daily basis, including: 

  • Floor-to-ceiling sanitisation of toilets, showers and changing rooms.

  • Cleaning of lights and light fixtures.

  • Full window cleans.

  • Heater systems cleaning and maintenance.

  • Carpet shampooing.

  • Sports equipment sanitation.

  • Kitchen deep cleaning,

If this is of interest to you simply drop us a message and we will be in touch with a free quote. 

Trusted Education Cleaning - Peace of Mind

Our cleaning operatives in County Durham have years of experience. Our knowledge in keeping standards high is second to none. Cleanliness throughout the school and maintaining high standards is key at all times and our experienced cleaning company can have school-based cleaners on-site or can visit for one-off cleaner jobs. All our cleaners have been trained to meet all Health and Safety regulations and are also fully vetted and insured. As a cleaning company, we are very experienced in this type of clean, looking after everything from classrooms to the office cleaning. 

The Importance of Cleaning in Schools

Cleaning in both primary schools and secondary schools plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and conducive learning environment for students and staff. Here's an overview of the importance of cleaning in these educational settings:

  1. Promoting Health and Hygiene: Primary and secondary schools are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria due to the large number of students and their close proximity. Regular cleaning helps to minimize the spread of illnesses, such as colds, flu, and stomach viruses, reducing absenteeism among students and staff. Clean classrooms, toilets, common areas, and surfaces contribute to a healthier environment, preventing the transmission of diseases.

  2. Enhancing Concentration and Learning: Clean and well-maintained schools create a positive atmosphere that fosters concentration and learning. A clutter-free environment with organized desks, clean floors, and tidy classrooms reduces distractions, allowing students to focus on their studies and maximize their potential. Cleanliness can also contribute to a sense of pride and ownership in the school, promoting a positive mindset among students.

  3. Ensuring Safety: Regular cleaning in schools helps ensure safety by removing hazards and maintaining cleanliness standards. Cleaned floors reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Proper cleaning and sanitization of science labs, workshops, and other specialized areas minimize the chances of accidents or mishaps. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance of playgrounds and sports facilities promote safe physical activity.

  4. Preventing Pest Infestations: Schools can be vulnerable to pest infestations, including rodents, insects, and other pests. Regular cleaning practices, such as proper waste management, removal of food sources, and cleaning of storage areas, can help prevent pest problems. Timely identification and eradication of any pest issues contribute to a healthy and comfortable environment for students and staff.

  5. Upholding Image and Reputation: The cleanliness and overall appearance of a school have a significant impact on its image and reputation within the community. A clean and well-maintained school demonstrates a commitment to quality education, professionalism, and the well-being of students. Parents, visitors, and stakeholders form positive impressions when they observe a clean and organized environment, which can enhance the school's standing and attract potential students.

  6. Teaching Good Hygiene Practices: By maintaining clean facilities, schools can instill good hygiene practices in students. Regular cleaning routines and the provision of adequate handwashing facilities promote habits like proper hand hygiene, cleanliness, and tidiness. These practices extend beyond school boundaries, benefiting students' overall health and well-being throughout their lives.

  7. Extending the Lifespan of Infrastructure: Routine cleaning and maintenance contribute to preserving the school infrastructure, including furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Regular cleaning removes dust, dirt, and debris, preventing their accumulation and potential damage to surfaces and materials. By extending the lifespan of infrastructure, schools can allocate resources to other educational needs.

In conclusion, primary school and secondary school cleaning are vital for maintaining a healthy, safe, and conducive learning environment. It promotes the well-being of students and staff, enhances concentration and learning, ensures safety, prevents pest infestations, upholds the school's image and reputation, teaches good hygiene practices, and extends the lifespan of school infrastructure. By investing in regular cleaning practices, schools prioritize the health, education, and overall success of their students.

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