Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners

We can carry out a range of different window cleaning services for your home, office or hotel. Please get in touch for more details.

Professional Window Cleans

Professional Window Cleans

As professional window cleaners, our main aim is to ensure you are happy with the completed services. If there are any problems at all, make sure to get in touch.

Glass Cleaning Service

Glass Cleaning Service

We offer the best window cleaning service in the UK and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote.

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Window Cleaning

Gone are the days of community window cleaners doing the rounds on housing estates; and finding professional window cleaners for commercial properties can be all but impossible for decent value. Unlike other cleaning companies, Professional Cleaning UK can supply specialist-trained and experienced window cleaners to get your glass sparkling clean again. After all, first impressions count – and your premises will be for many the first thing they see and experience of your business or brand.

For more information on window cleaning please get in touch.

Specialist Window Cleaners

Far from some soapy water and a squeegee, specialist window cleaners instead use a combination of products and chemicals to clear through the grime, dirt and pollutants that accumulate all too easily on internal and external windows. This gives you squeaky-clean glass with no dirt or streaks to brighten your views and rooms 365 days a year.

Water-fed poles and ladder or scaling equipment also allow cleaning teams to get to windows high up safely, so you don’t need to worry about your ground floor looking great but the view being skewed elsewhere. If you think your building may require external abseiling cleaners, please get in touch and we shall arrange such facilities with our contacts.

All equipment, tools and workwear will be supplied by the Professional Cleaners UK team and if you’re unable to supply water or electricity, let us know and we can arrange for portable facilities to be provided.

Window Cleaning Services Near Me

Window cleaning services can be carried out regularly or on an ad hoc basis should you have been victim to inclement weather. An initial clean will get your windows up to scratch but we do recommend that service is continued to ensure things stay sparkly clean year-round.

Whilst a necessary cosmetic service, window cleaning can also help improve the safety of your building. Unless you’re regularly inspecting external windows thoroughly, cleaning teams are at the forefront of your safety checks and can advise you on any potential issues such as chipping paint, painted-on sashes, clogged channels, jammed windows and wood rot. This allows you to have windows and fittings repaired rather than entirely replaced and in the case of fire or emergency evacuation, ensures your access routes are clear and functional. Cleaning windows regularly reduces the amount of acid deposits (many of them naturally-occurring) on them, which extends your windows’ life-span; saving you cash and time.

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If an insect infestation is spotted by one of the Professional Cleaners UK team, you will be notified as soon as possible. Our cleaning contacts can source you a professional pest control team if required and help clear up the problem before it spreads.

Anyone with a bucket of water and a scraper can call themselves a window cleaner, but don’t take the risk: opt instead for fully qualified and accredited cleaners with years of experience and call the Professional Cleaners UK team to receive only the best value, service and clean. 

For more information on professional window cleaning please contact us now using the enquiry form.