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Keeping your shop clean and welcoming is vital in today's very competitive retail world; competition on the high-street is tough and brand reputation and a positive customer experience are important to survive.

The bricks and mortar of your store is the physical impression that customers will have of your retail business and it's therefore crucial that this impression is professional, clean and to the standards that your customers would expect and desire. Shops that are clean and welcoming are proven to have more customers come through the doors. This, in turn, nurtures custom, repeat customers and positive word of mouth.

At Professional Cleaners UK we carry out shop cleaning in Craigavon at great prices, helping our shop-keepers and retailers keep ahead of the competition with cost-effective cleaning packages and at times to suit them and their customers.

If you are interested in getting a free quote and for more information on our shop and retail cleaning service, please contact us now and one of your friendly team will then call you to discuss the various options.

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Shop Cleaning Services in Craigavon

Professional Cleaners UK can supply cleaning teams for any square footage or type of shop or store across the country.

The most popular types of retail premises our shop cleaners look after on a daily basis include the below:

  • Standard retail premises - clothes and high-street fashion shops.

  • Boutique stores - typically small gift shops and independent retailers.

  • Department stores - these mega stores require the highest standards of cleanliness and see massive footfall every day.

  • Supermarket cleaning - supermarkets are typically the busiest of all shops, with muddy floors and spillages a common problem. Shop cleaners are often needed full time in these stores.

  • Car showrooms - large open spaces, often with lots of glasswork and window cleaning as standard.

  • Pet shops - we love cleaning pet stores, however, shops with pet food and animals around need cleaning products to be carefully considered.

  • Shoe shops - bright, clean and airy, often any dirt or dust is easily exposed and noticed by customers.

  • Hardware stores - often used by builders and those carrying out DIY, these stores can often get dirty and muddy all the time and so regular cleans are needed.

  • Food shops - where food is sold no chances can be taken - strict health safety guidelines mean nothing can go to chance.

  • Betting shop cleaning - these shops have high footfall, litter on the floors and customers also often eat and drink in them. This means they can get messy, dirty and untidy. They are one of the most popular types of cleans our shop cleaners deal with daily

  • Food outlets - similar to food shops, food outlets (such as coffee shops, takeaways, small cafes) need regular and high-quality cleaning.

  • Hairdresser cleaning and barbershop cleaning - again high-footfall, smelly products and human hair make thorough cleaning very important in this sector.

Our shop cleaning service teams understand the needs of the various stores and shops listed above. We understand that you are different and we treat each as such; this means that your retail cleaning service cleaning will be entirely bespoke to you. At the end of the day, no two shops are the same!

For more information and free quotes on any type of our shop cleaning services contact us today.

What Shop Cleaning Duties Do We Carry Out?

We often get asked what our shop clean services cover and what you can expect from our teams at Professional Cleaners UK.

The truth is our shop and store cleaners are trained to the highest possible standards especially as they are sometimes in the public view and subsequently - even if indirectly - representing your company too. As part of our professional shop clean services, we typically look after the following aspects:

  • The cleaning of all floor types - including concourses, carpets, marble and linoleum. These can be cleaned and shampooed or treated if required.

  • The cleaning of fixtures and fittings - dusting and polishing.

  • Cleaning of mirrors

  • Cleaning of changing areas - sweeping, cleaning, including mirrors and walls.

  • Sanitisation services - for toilet and washroom areas - public and private.

  • Cleaning of kitchen facilities - including sinks and microwaves using multi purpose cleaners.

  • Rubbish removal - front and back of the house.

  • Exterior surfaces and window cleaning - typically shop fronts.

  • Thorough cleans and dusting of all areas - such as behind POS points (Point Of Sale) and materials and machines (such as tills and payment machines).

  • Under counter cleaning

  • Stockroom cleans

  • Staff areas and staff room cleaning

  • Shutter cleaning - with special products should it be required and sometimes steam cleaners and other cleaning products.

  • Exterior floor cleaning and jet washing

Please remember, it is not unusual for Environmental Health or other such Authority inspections to take place for retail outlets so ensuring that your premises are up to leading standards will insure that you achieve great results which are often made publicly available. We can bring all cleaning supplies if you have limited storage space including microfibre cloths, multi purpose cleaners, polish, bleach and more.

In the day and age of Mystery Shoppers and even the fact that members of the public can review stores on line (and cleanliness is often a factor), we, therefore, believe shop cleaning is important to keep ahead of the game and any potential problems.

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Shop Clean Areas Covered in Detail

Our specialist cleaning services teams can even carry out thorough cleans in other areas of the shop - not just the front of house - including the below areas:

  • Warehouses

  • Backrooms

  • Distribution centres

  • Office

  • Factories

  • Secure stockrooms

  • Staff-rooms

  • Staff kitchens

  • Staff toilets

Our shop cleaners cater for properties and jobs of all sizes which can be serviced with a range of specialist and industrial equipment if necessary. Sometimes more industrious cleaning machinery is needed in certain areas (such as backrooms and storerooms) which we can advise on to make sure you get the results you need.

At all times our cleaners stick vehemently to strict health and safety standards and the latest best practices in sustainability methods. This, in turn, means our expert teams are best placed to clean your shop from head to toe to the highest possible standards - whilst being aware of the community and ethical standards - at all times of the day. We carry out a range of cleaning for shops of all shapes and sizes.

"Let us look after the cleaning of your shop so you can focus on what you do bestselling your products and services."

If you would like more information on your full shop cleaning services contact us today via the enquiry form on this page. One of your experienced team members will come and visit your store before putting together a complete and costed shop cleaning schedule.

Shopping Centre Cleaning Services Overview

As well as looking after the shop cleaning of individual stores and shops our teams can also handle the cleaning of:

  • Large shopping centre

  • Mid-scale shopping complexes

  • Shopping mall cleaning

  • Retail parks and villages

With our shopping centre cleaning services we operate two types of services to cover the required duties, these are namely:

  1. Cleaners on hand throughout the day - these teams maintain a clean, safe and healthy shopping environment for both shoppers and workers alike. This is mainly light and reactive cleaning - cleaning up spillages, dusting and keeping things looking attractive.

  2. Full cleaning and deep cleaning teams working in the evening and through the night - these tend to happen during out of retailer hours times and allow us to carry out more thorough and deep cleans. During these times our experienced shop cleaners can execute more thorough cleans; including floor polishing, carpet deep cleans and difficult window cleaning tasks. This type of clean means that all the premises are returned to a brand new and sparkling condition for the following days trading.

For more information and a free quote on our shopping and retail cleaning services, please contact us today. We won't be beaten on price or quality of work.

Retail Store Cleaning Services Plan

We create a bespoke shop cleaning services plan for each and every client - as you are all different - and this means that you all get the results you desire.

The main factors that we take into consideration when putting together a bespoke shop cleaning plan are below:

  • The opening times of the store - we try to do as much work during out-of-hours where possible; it means that our cleaners can work thoroughly and undisturbed but more importantly, it means that disturbance to your customers and staff is minimal.

  • Appropriate products - we use a full array of cleaning products and these are closely matched with the premises we are looking after. For example, the type of products we would use to clean a clothes shop would be different to that of a food shore. We thus match the products which are most suitable for the shop and this then yields the best results. We normally bring our own cleaning products but sometimes you can use products or ones recommended by you if you have specific preferences.

  • Workaround staff and customers - where necessary and where cleaners are needed all day, we have cleaners who work around the clock 24 hours a day. We make sure that all our cleaning staff act professionally at all times and are polite to staff and customers alike, carrying out their work discreetly and to the highest standards possible.

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What Is The Cost of Shop Cleaners?

We often get asked this and it's not such a straightforward answer. The cost of shop cleaning depends broadly on 4 factors, highlighted below:

  1. How many cleaners are needed to carry out the job - the more cleaners you need generally the more costly the clean.

  2. When - when you want the clean carried out can impact the price. Whether you need cleaning in or out of hours.

  3. How long/length of clean? - some small stores just need a few hours of shop cleaning whilst shopping centre cleaning and large store cleans require more time and in some cases 24-hour shop cleaning plans.

  4. Types of cleans - as we said, each store is different and requires different types of cleans. Whether you are looking for standard daily cleans or more specific cleans such as Communal Area Cleaning, Window Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning, we can help.

For more information and a bespoke cost and free quote on our shop cleaning service drop us a message today.

Bespoke Shop Cleaning Service Checklist

After we have received your initial enquiry and had a conversation we will visit the premises. During this visit with you, we will draw up a specific shop cleaning service checklist, bespoke to you. At this time you can point out areas of concern (health safety issues) or that are tricky to deal with.

Once we have agreed on an overall shop cleaning plan our cleaners will stick to this on every visit. We find this approach means that work is always executed to a high standard, communication is great and that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Shop Cleaners Near Me

As a leading commercial cleaning company, we understand the demand of frequent footfall and high expectations, as well as the need to fully clean everything in a short time frame, our shop cleaners are therefore of the highest quality as well as being quick and speedy at their job. Our teams of expert shop cleaners can attend your shop or retail facility during business hours, overnight or at off-peak times, depending on how you’d like things serviced. We offer a range of cleaning to different types of shops.

For health, safety and security reasons, we normally recommend that even if your business is open 24-hours a day, it’s cleaned during the least busy periods to avoid accidents and interruptions.

Our shop cleaners - as they are often in the public eye - are always:

  • Well presented

  • Punctual

  • Polite

  • Discreet

Our aim is to carry out our work to the highest standards and not get in your or your customers' way!

Shop Cleaning Services Supplies

We bring our own cleaning supplies but should you have any specific requirements or preferences let us know. We can cater for individual requests so that you get what you want and the shop clean you require. For questions on the products, we use simply drop us a message today.

Retail Cleaning Company - Why Us?

We believe you are the best retail cleaning company in the country, offering superb commercial cleaning services for the following reasons:

  • Our cleaning work is carried out to industry-leading standards, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in some cases.

  • Responsive cleaning if required - including spillages, breakages and even biohazard problems.

  • A full range of shop cleaning options for any type of retail premises - department stores, supermarkets, food outlets, pet shops and more.

  • We can attend as much as you need - from a few hours a week to 24-hour care.

  • Experienced retail cleaners who have worked in the industry for years.

  • Brilliant prices.

Shop Cleaner Jobs

We are looking for new cleaners to join our cleaning service team, for more information on the company please read our Meet The Team section, if you like the sound of us drop over your CV!

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Professional Cleaners UK has years of expertise and experience in shop cleaning in Craigavon and has cleaned a wide variety of retail premises.

Our shop cleaning services teams can help with everything from small convenience stores to large supermarkets and retail parks, so whatever form of shop cleaning you require we can help.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements, get a free quote and lets us look after your shop cleaning - so you can look after your customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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